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was gonna go see dawn of the dead with cara last night. i'd thought it was starting at 10:15 but it was actually at 10. oops. i was supposed to meet cara at her work a little before 10, but (of course) got there like 10:10. oops. so anyway, we drive to the theater, and they had LOCKED THE DOORS AND WOUDLNT LET US IN. there was this little old lady counting change or something, and i knocked, and she just walked away. laaaaaaaame
THIS IS THE MOST CREATIVE THING I HAVE EVER READ. just look at all the bizarre crap they came up with!! this doesn't make any sense, i love it. this seriously has me nostalgic for the power rangers, that show was like the 90s version of the old batman live-action show. apparently power rangers was stitched together from a whole bunch of similar but unrelated japanese shows.

my favorite part:
-  initially a selfish member of Bowzock, manipulates lovestricken Gynamo
-  falls in love with Red Racer, eventually comes to love civilian Kyousuke persona as well (see Astronema, Power Rangers in Space)
-  actual name is "Vanity Mirror Fanbelt," princess of Fanbelt planet; can change between Zonnette and regular form by invoking the names of three types of pasta (ravioli, kishimen, linguini)
-  drives pink Zonnecar convertible
-  after Exhaus's destruction, returns to home planet but remains in love with Kyousuke

Radietta Fanbelt
-  Zonnette's younger sister, huge fan of Carrangers
-  uses magic to change into "White Racer" costume with staff and invocation of the names of three types of pastry (tiramisu, konnyaku, mille-feuille)
-  first aided Carrangers against Zokurangers, able to shapeshift
-  armed with Riddle Bombs which explode if foe doesn't know answer
-  drives Radiacar, white cat car which can briefly transform into robot mode, later able to enlarge itself
and some of the names are just incredible: Emperor Bacchus Wrath, Empress Hysteria (on power rangers: Queen Machina), Bomber the Great (on power rangers: Louie Kaboom. i love that one), Punishment Sisters (their catch phrase is "In the name of heaven, we will punish you!"), Bewitching Apparition Army, Beast Emperor Great Beast God (uhh?), Great Satan, etc.
i just spent like 2 hours reading that. so deranged.

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