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happy birthday, livejournal!

zombie jesus for easter!

so, after being told to do so for years and years, i finally recently read daniel quinn's ishmael. it was interesting. it's one of those books which quite blatantly only exist to express the author's viewpoint, and is not really concerned with the story as such (this is bolstered by people who have read his other books telling me they all basically are differnet ways of saying the same thing). this is not good or bad, really, but i find it kind of irritating. that aside though-- the view basically boils down to: we are not above the laws of nature. we should not be killing off all our competition, we should not be stockpiling tons of food unncesasarily, we should not be shipping food around the world to feed overpopulated regions, etc. and the fact that we currently do all these things is bringing about our downfall as a civilization, by overpopulation and by the environmental damage we are doing and by us killing each other off, and good things like that. whatever solution he actualy has in mind is very vague, which is a minor criticism at best. a better criticism is that whatever we did along these lines would involve a total cultural overhaul, which is not likely to happen if we're not damn sure what we're trying to do. also, a point he makes near the end about the new 'story' we must tell to replace the old defective one is ONLY true in the book, which is a big flaw for an argument which is clearly meant to apply to reality. i dont know that i am converted to any exciting new hippie ideals or anything, but i definitley recommend the book. it's worth reading and thinking about.

friends who rule: julie, jenn, erinn, jackie, jeremiah, heather, desiree
friends who drool: the rest of you bums who didn't come to my hott pizza party

jenn got me MY FIGHTING TECHNIQUE IS UNSTOPPABLE for my birthday. it's a book of comic strips by this guy (he does get your war on too). so fucking weird. it's like pokey the penguin with ninjas and Karate Snoopy

purplebunny2004 (1:24:25 AM): yeah to senior year@@@@@@@@@@2
King Nixon (1:24:52 AM): woooooo
purplebunny2004 (1:24:56 AM): wooooooo
purplebunny2004 (1:24:57 AM): oofbyr

who is going to be around this summer?

i discoverd the other day that i can turn on the cruise control in my car when it's in neutral. all this accomplishes is the engine revs itself up until i stop it. mildly amusing.

license plate seen recently: PEAZOUT

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