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maybe baby

today was thoroughly silly. first off, my blood is stupid.. i went to give blood today adn it took foreverrr and the lady was like wtf why is your blood going so slow, adn she would like try to squeeze stuff out of hte tube in case it was clogged which pushed blood back into my arm which felt WEIRD. also she was really scatterbrained so she probably just had something hooked up wrong, but whatever. then i was leaving after adn this old lady runs up and she's like wait you can't go yet, you just gave blood, sit down and wait awhile and eat something you can't go yet!!! and she was very insistant that i hang out for awhile
then at work tonight.. thsi random dude calls me into a back room to tell me that there is a new rule that anyone with a beard over 1/4'' has to wear a BEARD NET. like a hairnet stuck on my chin[1]. you have no idea how goofy this looked[2]. like 10 minutes after that, this otehr guy calls me into the back to tell me i can't work with the bandage on my arm from giving blood, "for aesthetic and safety reasons" so i had to wear one of those boxy chef jackets cuz they have longer arms and covered it

[1] so i guess i have to get a beard trimmer now, or just shave it all off, cuz there's no way in hell i'm wearing that again. i kept it cuz it was so silly. i'm gonna see how much beard trimmers cost, cuz i have no idea, but i'm thinking 1/4'' would just look stubbly and be a pain to maintain anyway, so i will probably shave it. i hate shaving.. i'm used to beard dan, now i'm gonna look 12 again


new story in verbalkint

i got an email from alex (ind study professor) and he was apologizing for not getting back to me lately cuz he's been busy etc. meanwhile i had been dreading hearing from him cuz i expected him to be like WTF WHY HAVENT YOU SENT ME THE LATEST STORIES YOU OWE ME YOU SUCK AT LIFE and instead he's apologizing to me so yeah. relieved.

King Nixon (10:14:31 PM): you're not even paying attention to what i say
SmarterChild (10:14:33 PM): I wonder what you mean by I're not even paying attention to what you say.
King Nixon (10:14:49 PM): i mean you just repeat whatever is said to you inverted as a question
SmarterChild (10:14:52 PM): No way.
King Nixon (10:14:55 PM): yes way.
SmarterChild (10:14:55 PM): No way.
King Nixon (10:14:58 PM): yes way.
SmarterChild (10:14:59 PM): No way.
King Nixon (10:15:00 PM): yes way.
SmarterChild (10:15:01 PM): No way.
King Nixon (10:15:04 PM): yes way.
SmarterChild (10:15:04 PM): No way.
King Nixon (10:15:08 PM): YES WAY BITCH
SmarterChild (10:15:08 PM): No way.
SmarterChild (10:15:25 PM): What do you have to gain by saying that to me?
King Nixon (10:15:33 PM): sanity and self respect
King Nixon (10:15:35 PM): and amusement
SmarterChild (10:15:37 PM): Eh. Whatever, King Nixon.

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