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yet more reasons i should be supreme global overlord - here is where i live

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April 26th, 2004

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01:06 am - yet more reasons i should be supreme global overlord
King Nixon (12:43:36 AM): holloway decided though that it would be a great idea for everyone closing in the dishroom from now on to stay an extra half hour every night to more thoroughly clean
Narcoleptic Fuzz (12:43:51 AM): hahahaha does that mean a little more $?
King Nixon (12:43:55 AM): a little more, yeah
King Nixon (12:44:07 AM): but! reasons this is reaaaally shitty on their part:
King Nixon (12:44:19 AM): a) this was revealed to us all around 10pm tonight
King Nixon (12:45:00 AM): b) policy used to be that if you work past 11:30 you start getting overtime. now that we are all supposed to stay til midnight for no reason, they moved that back a halfhour so now you get overtime for working past midnight
Narcoleptic Fuzz (12:45:13 AM): ewwww
Narcoleptic Fuzz (12:45:25 AM): what if you had somewhere to be at 11:30?
Narcoleptic Fuzz (12:45:41 AM): or you had a babysitter or something? or a ride home?
King Nixon (12:46:26 AM): then you storm out in disgust and they glare at you but don't actually do anything about it
King Nixon (12:47:10 AM): to my knowledge, no one has ever been punished for anything there. i show up late all the time, i have completely missed shifts, and no one has even said much of anything. same with other people
Narcoleptic Fuzz (12:48:34 AM): hmmm sounds like the perfect job for you (other than the actual work part)
Narcoleptic Fuzz (12:48:55 AM): whenever i see you in H-way, you're just standing around
King Nixon (12:48:55 AM): indeed
King Nixon (12:49:06 AM): hahaha yeah
King Nixon (12:49:17 AM): no one actually works there, it's amazing

also: you'll all be glad to know that each ceiling tile cost holloway EIGHTY DOLLARS. and apparently these tiles must be replaced if they get KETCHUP on them, because for some reason just cleaning hte fucking things is out of hte question. and they cleverly hire people to replace the tiles at SEVENTY TWO DOLLARS AN HOUR. money well spent.
np: Travis - The Man Who - 07 - Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

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Date:April 26th, 2004 10:24 am (UTC)
Ceilling tiles be 'spensive stuff. Are these the suspended ceilling tile sorts of things? If so, couldn't you just flip them over like a bloodstained mattress or somethin? Or even paint it? What kinda posh snoot place are they running there?

I wish I could afford $80.00 ceiling tiles. Because then I'd have so much more money for crack.
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Date:April 26th, 2004 01:36 pm (UTC)
a posh snoot college dining hall where students regularly come to eat in their pajamas and make big messes, is the place they are running. the muckymucks at this place are HUGELY in denial about the class of service they are supposed to be providing.

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