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the worst part of questions is answers.

relay for life for jack. how did i not know about this until last night?? dammit. so yeah, i'm there today instead of doing the incredible amounts of work i need to do. haha i think i'll bring my work with me actually.
* anyone else who hasn't heard about it yet-- at the track behind the field house. it started today at i believe noon and will be going til tomorrow. there'll be burgers and shit, and friends, and good will towards men. you should come. even if you didn't know him you should come, it's to raise funds for cancer research, i believe. c'mon, when else will any of us do something worthwhile with our saturdays?

my memory is very shifty. i can remember fairly unimportant things - conversations from months ago, how i met people, etc - but a lot of the actual significant things are just a blur. to the extent i remember them at all, some of them are just pieced together from what people have said about it, or what i goobered up to tell someone else. a lot of my memories, especially from childhood, i'm not sure to what extent they actually happened or what i just made up. some things i'm not sure whether or not they happened at all. this worries me sometimes. and lately i've been having trouble remembering things that happened a few days ago. not like i totally lose something, but i'll have this feeling that i talked about topic x with someone yesterday, and i have no idea who it was and no memory of it actually occurring, but i know it did. is this normal or do i need a brain transplant?

how often do i do silly memes anymore..
On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favourite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then, have your friends comment and see if they know the songs

1. i think you're cuter than my computer: i'd give up the internet just to be your love pet. i would kill bill gates for you and give you all his money too, and then we'd be happily engaged to be married
2. the stocking was hung on my big fat dick
3. and you may learn to love another, while i am sleeping in my grave
4. welcome to my glass house, well it will break real easy but it just won't fall down
5. you think you're special, you do- i can see it in your eyes
6. better i go where the land touches sea, there is my trust in what i believe
7. and i think i think too much (i don't care, yeah but i don't care)
8. there's a shadow in the bedroom and i'm scared to sleep alone. baby, doesn't everybody weep?
9. don't you look at my girlfriend: she's the only one i got
10. i thought she'd be there holding daisies; she always waits for me
11. i offered to drive her to the corner store, but i found out that she's a whore
12. all your dreams are still as new, and happiness is what you need so bad
13. i'm the president of me, i'm the king of i [this one is possibly the most sincere love song i know]
14. when he's underwater does he get wet, or does the water get him instead?
15. tell me that i'll never be set free [why do i have this song? i don't like it very much]
16. maybe when i'm done with thinking, maybe you can think me whole
17. i want you the fuck out of my head [not this one either. though i've never heard the original, to be fair]
18. you make me feel shiny and new
19. send me your saliva to heal my scars
20. a long and lonely time

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