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traduttore traditore

(the translator is a traitor)

FREE!!! concert + fireworks, in manchester. lacuna coil, burden brothers (singer from teh toadies and guitarist from reverend horton heat), etc. 5/30

from an article i read the other day..
"As an example of rhetorical analysis, the Bible has decreased in importance. Such lack of reverence for the Word perhaps helps account for the recent decline of writing skills." wtf? yes, not revering the bible = bad language skillz

here's how much of a nerd i am: i was 5 minutes late for work tuesday because i lost track of time reading old new yorkers in the library

when i was leaving for work, i asked how late they're open - because i needed to get some stuff - to see if i could come back after work or maybe i could get out early, etc. the lady at the desk (keep in mind i was in the periodicals room at the time) said "we're open til midnight today". so i get out of work aroudn 10:30 and figure since i have time i will go get my car first. i get to teh library at 11:05 and head down to the periodicals room to get some articles i needed. THEY CLOSED AT ELEVEN. the library entire was open til midnight, but the room i was fucking in when i asked the question closed an hour earlier. i could see someone upstairs having told me midnight, not realizing i meant periodicals, but that's the room i was IN at the time. abstrads. so i went over to the bound periodicals section (still open thankfully) to get some other stuff.. the first TWO i tried to find were not on the shelves. the next one turned out not to be what the title/article abstract suggested it was, but a review of the book which the abstract described. this was not helpful to dan.

i swear i've lately lost the ability to drink anything without dribbling it onto myself.

last night they had a 'stress relief night' in the mub, featuring free icecream and hand massages and such wonders. they also had a bouncy house. now, one would think that i would've learned my lesson about those things by now, but they always seem so fun and inviting, i just can't resist (especially depending on my fellow bouncers). i didn't pull a muscle in my back and wind up spending 2 days in bed this time, which is good, but i made myself almost sick. i don't know how; i was having fun bouncing, feeling fine, then get out, still feeling fine albeit exhausted (why is bouncing up and down the most tiring thing in the universe?), then suddenly i feel wicked sick. i went and sat in the bathroom for a half hour feeling gross, and had a slight headache for the rest of the night.

King Nixon (9:57:49 PM): i could be twice the babydaddy eric is
CityBabe9 (9:58:56 PM): Hahaha
CityBabe9 (9:59:00 PM): NO MORE BABIES
King Nixon (10:00:00 PM): i need to sow my wild oats
King Nixon (10:00:19 PM): IN YOUR WOMB
King Nixon (10:00:25 PM): hahahhaha oh god that's the creepiest thing ive ever said
CityBabe9 (10:00:53 PM): Yeah, you fucking creep

in case anyone was wondering, here's the answers to that lyrics thing:
1. i think you're cuter than my computer: i'd give up the internet just to be your love pet. i would kill bill gates for you and give you all his money too, and then we'd be happily engaged to be married [carpet patrol - me and my IIe]
2. the stocking was hung on my big fat dick [snoop dogg and nate dogg - the night before christmas]
3. and you may learn to love another, while i am sleeping in my grave [soggy bottom boys - i am a man of constant sorrow]
4. welcome to my glass house, well it will break real easy but it just won't fall down [jake lee rau - welcome]
5. you think you're special, you do- i can see it in your eyes [limp bizkit - my way]
6. better i go where the land touches sea, there is my trust in what i believe [rem - leave]
7. and i think i think too much (i don't care, yeah but i don't care) [stone temple pilots - crackerman]
8. there's a shadow in the bedroom and i'm scared to sleep alone. baby, doesn't everybody weep? [t-rex - cadillac]
9. don't you look at my girlfriend: she's the only one i got [supertramp - breakfast in america]
10. i thought she'd be there holding daisies; she always waits for me [hum - stars]
11. i offered to drive her to the corner store, but i found out that she's a whore [sgnp - the whore next door]
12. all your dreams are still as new, and happiness is what you need so bad [led zeppelin - what is and what should never be]
13. i'm the president of me, i'm the king of i [james kochalka superstar - president kochalka]
14. when he's underwater does he get wet, or does the water get him instead? [they might be giants - particle man]
15. tell me that i'll never be set free [sublime - badfish]
16. maybe when i'm done with thinking, maybe you can think me whole [something corporate - punk rock princess]
17. i want you the fuck out of my head [cure - wild mood swings (though i only have the stabbing westward cover)]
18. you make me feel shiny and new [madonna - like a virgin (though i was listening to a live duet of madonna and britney]
19. send me your saliva to heal my scars [haha i forget what this is. dammit]
20. a long and lonely time [unchained melody (i have no idea who did this originally, i have a u2 cover)]

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