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Narcoleptic Fuzz (2:23:29 AM): enjoy your LAST DAY OF CLASSES EVER

today i have class 12-1 and 2-3, then i am doing nothing til 8. who wants to be my afternoon delight?

i ran into a bunch of fencing kids yesterday who i hadn't talked to in just too long, and it hit me how much it's gonna blow after grad, to not have so many friends around all the time. it seriously makes my day to unexpectedly run into you people.

CityBabe9 (9:51:31 PM): WORK IS FOR LOSERS!
CityBabe9 (9:51:35 PM): SCHOOL IS FOR RETARDS!
CityBabe9 (9:51:42 PM): DROPPING OUT IS COOL!

in other news, my lungs and throat hurt all yesterday, if i breathed in deeply or did something vaguely strenuous. felt bruised. and a couple times it would throb really strongly with my heartbeats for a minute. it seems better today, but still. you are all jealous of my impending stroke.

work was ridiculous last night. 2 of the kids on my shift got fired last week (or quit. or paul slit their throats. or something. it was a very confused story i got) so we were really busy and shorthanded and ahhh. went pretty quick though, whcih is cool. and the weird old guy who alwyas wears industrial sound-blocking earmuff things and mumbles at you occasionally and laughs scarily at things that no one else is aware of, he started talking to us and turns out to be pretty smart. so i don't know if he just acts weird or if he's going senile or what, but i will be keeping my eye on him.

i hate when i get all pissed and self-righteous about something and then it turns out i was wrong and there was nothing to be mad about. that sucks.

tiiznit (2:17:29 AM): whores.
King Nixon (2:19:01 AM): where??
Auto response from tiiznit (2:19:03 AM): Not here.
King Nixon (2:19:08 AM): hahahahahha
tiiznit (2:19:17 AM): oh my.
King Nixon (2:19:26 AM): that worked entirely too well

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