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i had a doctor's appt yesterday, at health services. i couldnt remember if it was at 3:30 or 4, so i called at noon before class, forgetting that janet (nurse lady) is at lunch 12-1. at 1 i had to write my paper for my next class (only 10 minutes late!), so when i got out of class at 3 i called again. the appt was at 1:30. oops. rescheduled. even if i'd caught her at noon before she left, i couldnt have gone in anyway cuz i had that paper to finish
had dinner with alicia and heidi. that was fun. had my last fencing club meeting ever, which was sad. had the midnight theatersports show, which was fun, adn the cop who came to bust it up was a big asshole and shoved me and heron, which probably is technically illegal

instead of "oh snap" i now say "oh snapple"

Tadonnen (1:30:00 AM): i have an overdeveloped sense of obligation.
King Nixon (1:33:36 AM): i do too. which i suppose is a good thing cuz i think soemtimes that's all that makes me care about alot of my friends. which isnt to say anything bad about them, just that theyre not in my heart so much as in my head
Tadonnen (1:33:57 AM): /nods.

what? i went to bed last night around 2. i thought i set my alarm for 10 (i have work at 11) but then i woke up a little past 11, oops. my alarm was set for 10:30, and still on, so i dunno what happened there. so i got up, was still really tired, figured i'd be getting to work super late anyway at this point, and went back to bed. slept til 3:30. i don't know why i was so tired.

i had some fucked up dreams too. there was this big hotel/resort place, kinda like the overlook, and it was right on a cliffside by the ocean. there was a family there, and tons of random other people. somehow the family's 2 kids are killed. it was accidental, but the parents go insane and kill everyone tangentially responsible in graphic ways which all ended with their ending up being thrown/dropped half-dead into the ocean. everyone killed this way comes back to life as ghosts, whose condition depends on how htey died (if their arms were torn off, they are armless ghosts, etc) who are invisible to normal people and go through normal matter. the only things they can touch are the people who killed them, who they proceed to kill in ways equally as graphic as their own deaths. so at thing point everyone is like omfg because people are dying horribly with no visible cause. as more people freak out, and the newer dead folks become ghosts too, the ghosts become more tangible to the real world. some of the ghosts though are all bitter about their deaths and go nuts and start destroying the other ghosts (who can still be hurt by fire, and if their brains are destroyed they are gone forever and can't re-ghostify). apparently ghosts are turning up all over teh world. eventually the govt steps in and develops this gas that if the ghosts breathe it in, it makes them swell up and explode and not come back. me and kevin are the only ghosts left, we're hiding at the bottom of a lake near the hotel, whcih is no longer near the ocean somehow. the air above the lake is full of the poison gas. ghosts can breathe underwater, btw. so we figure we have to hold our breathes when we leave the lake and try to get far enough away that we avoid the gas. but kevin finds these pictures at the bottom of the lake, i forget what of, but he starts attacking me and we both end up breathing the gas and dying

here's where i woke up the 1st time

a whole bunch of us were at a field trip or something to this big library/museum place. in the basement were these strange games taht like taught you how electrical generators worked and shit.  me and kate are trying to figure them out and not really getting it until jake shows us how. then the games start getting more creepy and nasty. i forget what happens then, but next i remember i was at a convenience store with the roommates, shopping for kevin's birthday. jenn and jon and main st kate were there too, but werent with us. same thing happens- everything seems nice and fine, we're looking at dvds and shit, but it all gets progressively nastier and weirder until eventually teh whole store is like glowing red and there's huge cracks and gashes in the floor everywhere, very hellish. there's this pissed off cop and the guy behind hte counter who are both satanists or soething and start trying to kill us, but theyre pretty slow and we are running aroudn the shelves and stuff keeping away from them. but we don't really know what to do. somehow me and kevin both have the ability to reset the whole situation but then we forget everything that's happened so we keep ending up at the store and somehow it all goes wrong again. it was like a cross between groundhog day and nightmare on elm street. eventually we end up in the basement and there's this crazy satanist military general guy who is going to nuke the world. we tried to trick him and i forget what happened but presumably the world did not get nuked. and during one of the run-throughs we were in like a ghostbusters situation where we had to choose the method of our own death (i chose a giant cottonball for some reason) and we also got 1 magic power each to fight against it all. i could shoot fireballs! we only survived by the help of this mysterious girl who was mute and just sat curled up in the corner the whole time
then i was a reporter for a newspaper or something, i don't know what i was investigating, but this random crazy bum runs up to me and warms me to stay away from these 2 law firms. i forget the name of the 1st one, and the second one, the building was colored brown on brown. i said "so i shoudl stay away from [first one's name]?" "no no, theyre the good one, go to them" and then he ran away. a second later a cop runs up to me and is like "hey don't listen to that guy he is crazy", and was chasing after him. i don't know why i was going to law firms in the 1st place, but i went to the one that the bum told me to go to, and applied there for a job selling hot dogs (?!) and got hired to work in their farm/slaughterhouse (?!). there was this middle-aged lady in charge (mamma), and her husband, and their 2 or 3 sons in their late 20s. so i'm workin there awhile, and it's kindof a weird place, i know something is off, but they treat me really nicely and like take me into their family. at one point another worker i was friends with got really hurt/sick when a tree fell on him. it was an evil tree that was made of like squid tentacles and it bit him and snakes started growing out of his neck. the husband cut off the snakes (which were also part fish) and the guy recovered, but the fishsnakes died and they were sad about that. there was this trespasser guy up to no good, adn mamma went to bitch him out, but the husband told me to get her away in case he was dangerous, and their security force (who were stationed in that brown on brown building) woudl take care of it. it turned out the husband took the guy out back and tortured him to death. mamma told me about that, described it with some french words i forget now but they translated in my mind as "kill him with pain". i decided i could not stay there because it was too evil, and i told them that. but i really did care abotu them, they'd treated me like family, and i gave my word i would not report anything bad about them or anything (i was a reporter, don't forget). we had a sad farewell, but they understood why i had to leave.
anyway, i write my article, and i honestly tried to write it positively but somehow i end up revealing bad things anyway, about like genetic experiments and plutonium stockpiles, that i didnt even know about. there's a big dinner party to celebrate my article, which has become super famous, and the husband arrives and he is talking to me (and my wife?). i'm telling him how i honestly did not mean to say anything against them and "i love mamma, i really do, but she is evil, and i don't know what to do" and he understands and tells me that i hadnt realized what some of the things i'd seen had really meant. there's this waiter who is about to kill me with a magic chainmail thingy because he worships mamma (she is actually satan, you see), but then he hears me say i love her and hesitates, and the husband gestures for him to leave me be.
anyway, somehow that all blows over, and the meat from their farm ends up all going to this new fast food restaurant chain they start up. somehow i know that the meat in their burgers is actually coming from people and i don't know what to do, if i shoudl say something or not. suddenly the sons appear (one of them being freddy kreuger) and start attacking me (and my brother?) because they think we're traitors against mamma. everything gets hellish, but surreally so, and we are desperately trying to hack into this weird ATM-like thing that appeared on the side of a dumpster, before the sons kill us, and the husband helps us, and somehow that fixes everything.
it all turns out ot have been a movie, and there's this behind-the-scenes documentary thing. but no because satanist mamma worshippers are still after me and crazy shit is still happening. then i woke up.

but yeah. the 1st one, i woke up and i was just like wtf that was crazy. but the 2nd one, i'm sure it sounds goofy here, but it kinda really freaked me out. this seroius feeling of dread and evil

and now i go to work, come home around 10ish, and do my takehome ling final

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