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"i love those lovable old drunks... wait, that was really stupid"

i have been sleeping so much lately. i'm not especially sleepy during the day, but when i sleep, i sleep for hours longer than usual

funfact: the original full name for a piano is "gravecembalo col piano e forte" which is italian for "harpsichord with soft and loud"

why is it that cracking knuckles and popping joints can be so incredibly satisfying? because it really really really is

yesterday i was supposed to hang out with lyzi, but we had communication difficulties. whcih, actually, is pretty normal for us. i ended up going to the south berwick lake with people, where we all swam and had fun, and where i threw up in the middle of the lake (throwing up while treading water sucks)(i wasn't sick; i think my lunch had gone bad). and other stuff happened, hanging out,  mike not-actually-belknap's party, etc. but no details for you!!! because i don't feel like it!!

my history of english final was due last wednesday at noon. i got it in at....... 11:59:35. amazing.
then i went to lunch with shelly(teacher)'s semantics class, at tin palace. 90% of hte class is the same people as my class, so i didnt even realize til we'd been there for a few minutes that it wasnt my class. i just figured that some people hadn't been able to come, or something

also: this wednesday i will start working at la festa, creating delicious pizza items. probably.

i entered some free raffle thing at that de-stress fest carnival at unh, like 2 weeks ago. i wasn't even going to enter, cuz i didn't particularly want any of the prizes, but someone came over and asked if we wanted to enter and had the lil slips for us to write our names on, so we did. but i left before htey pulled the winners. and i was informed the other day that apparently if i'd been there for the drawing i woulda won 20 bucks off a tattoo. i don't even want a tattoo, but nuts i missed winning a thing! and right after me, they pulled deb's card, and she wasn't there either. we are winners
i love winning stuff/getting free stuff. not even so much getting the actual thing - it could be something dumb, like a free sample at the supermarket. i just like unexpectedly being given something for no good reason. or even for a reason, like if i visit a friend at work and they give me free food. that's awesome!

i got accused of stealing $1.98 worth of frozen dinners at walmart the other day. then at friendlys, i got the Jim Dandy icecream sundae. it was ridiculous and large and ridiculous. 5 scoops! 3 kinds of sauce! whipped cream and nuts! bananas! that probably knocked a year off my lifespan, but i couldn't resist. half the reason i got it was that on their table tent thing, they had an ad for it, and at the bottom it said "go jim dandy! go jim dandy!" anything that stupid deserves my indulgence

things i want to do this summer: see friends, visit far-away friends, find somewhere to live/a job for apres summer, have fun parties, read a ton

tomorrow: fiction slut club blowjobout!!

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