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the more that i wait, the more selfish that i get

this is a bad day for the cause of not-spilling-stuff-everywhere, because i have been spilling stuff everywhere. well okay, two things, but it sucked. i made rice, and when i tried to tear open a little hole in the bag (it was uncle ben's instant rice, yay lazy) the ENTIRE BAG EXPLODED OPEN and rice went everywhere. that was amazing[3]. at least it's tasty. i used the last of my thai hot/sweet sauce on this stuff. mmm condiments my summer roommates left when they moved and i took with me
and just now coming back to my room i spilled coffee[1] all over my desk/keyboard. nothing important got wet and the keyboard seems to still be working so no harm done. but dammit. if i'd spilled it 10 seconds earlier it wouldve gone on a pile of books and cds, if not into my computer. so i guess it coulda been a lot worse.
also, i had 2 pickles today, and they were damn good. i am glad i bought my jar of pickles.

i can't remember why anymore, but last night i swear to god the thought "i was thinking about thinking about thinking about it, i think" went thru my mind. i was so amused i almost got up to post it.
i think i'm finally unsicked today. i was woken up monday (i think monday) by fucking heartburn of all things, took rolaids, couldnt get back to sleep. had a headache and stiff neck and sore throat and my stomach felt kinda weird. the next day i felt verry weird, like my whole body was nausious. next day and yesterday i mostly was just achy and coughing a lot and had a runny nose. (coughing a LOT. every few months i will get this awful hacking cough that lasts for like a week. last night there were a few times when i was coughing so hard i nearly threw up). i am wearing the ebola hospital mask left over from my spring break disease, because when i cough i am spitting out deadly poisons everywhere. but i think today is the last of it, it's worn down very much. yay!

yesterday i won a pair of tickets to river rave this sunday! kevin gets to be my hot date, and we're meeting jackie and erinn there, along with whoever they trick into taking their second pair (yes they won twice). sweeeet. i'm kinda sad to be missing lacuna coil and the burden brothers in manch though, but this quite wins

[1] for quite awhile i've been having coffee with 2 of the marshmallows desiree made melted into each cup. it was lovely, it would be a little creamy and nice and sweet and mmm. but the marshmallows went all slimey and creepy[2], so i threw em out. kevin had pilfered a bag of mini marshmallows from holloway so i put in a handfull of those, but it wasn't very sweet at all. so i put in some hot chocolate mix, and a lil milk just for the helluvit. it's still not great, i will have to tinker with my recipe
[2] everything i wanted to eat today had gone bad! it was frustrating. i was gonna make rice noodles, but they expired in february. so i made rice instead. and i was gonna put in some pickled bamboo shoots, but they went bad on my birthday (go figure). it's funny, i was looking at the jar and i can't remember how i even know theyre pickled bamboo. it doesn't say so anywhere on the jar that i could see (not in englihs, anyway, it's mostly in asian).
[3][4] i remember once way back in the day, i was (i think) at dave's family's old apartment - which dates the story, for those who know him - and i was tryiing to get a package of teddy grahams open and the thing just exploded. like fucking shrapnel. little teddys went flying all over the place, like over a 20 foot radius. it ruled.
[4] yeah i know the footnotes are out of order. i didnt want to bother fixing it

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