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get it right with the quickness

you know, i haven't really thought about them for awhile, but i have always loved sloths (scroll down on link). they are just fucking cool. especially giant sloths, those were always my favorite things in natural history museum. they may be smaller than dinosaurs and mammoths and stuff, but they are way awesomer. they have so much personality, and giant claws, and cutely weird rounded anteater faces with prehensile lips. fun! they move so slowly that moss grows on them. silly! their claws are so sharp that they hang in trees for days after they die. rad! i want a pet sloth. ooh and a stingray. stingrays are badass and graceful.
and yes, i know i live like a sloth. jokes anticipated. feel free to compare me to a stingray as well, for bonus points.

haha weird. i just added 'giant sloths' to my lj interests thing, and saw that 3 other people have it on their interests. and one of them is that girl oh_okayalice that a bunch of my friends know but i have never (that i'm aware of) met

finish bender's joke

this song rocks my ass. i am gonna make a mix of mindlessly violent songs to break shit to. cuz sometimes, you just want to. this and static-x "destroy all" and that mudvayne song about hanging people. "dig"? ha apparently it will also be a nu metal mix. hurrah! gonads and strife

"The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes -- ah, that is where the art resides." -Artur Schnabel, pianist (1882-1951)

a blue whale eats somewhere around 40 million krill every day. baby blue whales gain about 200 pounds a day, or 8 pounds an hour.

my god do i hate the smell of zoloft. i can't describe it, but every time i open the bottle i honestly shiver. and it's weird, if i take one pill, hold it up to my nose, and sniff, it's not so bad. but i open the bottle and the air wafts up and AUGHH it's like fermented dusty death. i react to it the same as the sound of rubbing styrofoam, which is for me like scraping a blackboard (which does not bother me) is for people on tv

i just got a spam with teh subject of "delete". so i did.

i did not have a happy dream last night. well it was happy at the time, but when i awoke and it wasn't real i was saddened. and that's all you will hear about that, other than to mention that at one point in it, kate got me fired from my summer job at holloway, cuz i was hanging out instead of working, so i went to teh food court (the caf from central) and then to my other summer job at the mailroom. having 2 dream jobs makes up for having no real ones, right?

my cumulative college GPA: 3.18 - not so bad. in highschool i came out with a 3.25, so i guess i've stayed pretty consistent. however, the minimum for honors is 3.2 - i petitioned to stay in the honors program last year when my gpa went down and they were like sure it's close enough don't worry about it. but i wonder if it will show up on my diploma. if they don't give it to me for being 0.02 less than i need, i will be in a fight with them

clearly something broke in my room, because i keep finding little plastic bits everywhere, but i don't have the faintest clue what it was

i swear my landlord is reliving his college party days vicariously through me. every time i talk to him he's like, hey are you gonna go out partying? i remember him telling me once how he used to take a 6pack with him into the shower and get drunk. the day before graduation he was like, congrats! i guess you're gonna be out partying all week huh?

these random thoughts brought to you by my brain. and the number eleventy-seven.

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