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what right does my head have to call itself 'me'? what right?

such a strange movie i just watched- the tenant. it's a roman polanski (rosemary's baby, the pianist) movie from i think the mid70s. the creepiest movie i have ever seen where basically nothing happens for the 1st hour and a half. it is slower than friggin unbreakable, if you can imagine. but still very good. but it ends and you have no idea what happened and it doesn't seem to make sense. though i suppose it wasn't trying to. it's one of those. i still liked it though

also: tonight i decided i should be drunk. no particular reason. i haven't been in quite awhile and was in the mood. i'm not liek sloshed or anything, just a bit buzzed, which is nice sometimes, ya know? hello

oh the "hello i am a chef" thing seems to no longer be on the interweb. i am saddened at this development. haha this rules! this dude put the vocals of a bunch of pop songs and put them over the ringtone versions of the music. it is hte current music down there, it is so dorky and cute and fun
the best part is "it wasn't me" cuz that song already sounded like nintendo music. incidentally, why is shaggy succesful? i don't know if he writes the actual songs or not (most pop artists don't after all - which i don't think is a shot against them if they perform them well), but he is a pretty terrible rapper, he sounds like his face is muffled by a giant squid. the songs are cute but also not very good

i wish you were online here

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