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legal eagle

ironically, today i was supposed to take the LSATs, but i had to reschedule because...

i was in court today! i am fighting a bullshit traffic ticket. i've mentioned it here before, but this happened back in freaking january so i will catch you all up.
okay so it was on durham rd, like midnight. i was going 48 in a 35. no traffic to speak of, weather was clear, all that good stuff. the cop a) wrote on the ticket that the speed limit was 30 b) after he gave me the ticket and let me go, he had to pull me over again cuz he forgot to keep his copy c) then he started walking off with both copies and i had to yell for him to bring mine back d) i looked up the actual law, and technically it is not illegal to speed unless you're going over 65. otherwise the actual law (nh statute 265:60) says you can't drive unsafely, and being over the speed limit can be considered prima facie evidence that you are being unsafe (basically, means it is proven unless you have evidence to the contrary)
my 'evidence' being that i have gotten speeding tickets before but i have never been at fault for anything, i feel i am a safe driver who happens to feel comfortable going fast. also it turned out when i was questioning him[1] that the cop was actually in training at the time and my ticket was only the 4th he'd ever given out, so i said i didnt know how much weight his judgment of the safety of my driving could hold, if he was still in training and seemingly distracted that night. and when i was asking him about how he had to pull me over again and if he was distracted that night or what was up, he started getting all fidgety and embarassed.
the judge said "you will be mailed the court's findings" which seems odd, as everyone else in court that day (i was dead last. woo) got immediate judgment. apparently my argument is a real legal defense, as when i finished he said something like "so you are making a reasonable speed defense?" and it sounded like this was a valid concept. nonetheless, i assume i'll lose, cuz why should they take the side of some dumb kid over a cop? but i think i did well all the same
i didn't get to use all my researched info on prima facie evidence though. i found cases that basically said it couldn't be used the way they use it. haha if i lose maybe i'll appeal

[1] haha i felt like a big fancy lawyer, questioning witnesses. it was fun

i honestly really love water. water is awesome. but i tend to drink a lot of it at once and then by melly (hahaha my belly. that typo is too good to fix. oh spoonerisms) is like wtf i am sloshy and full of water now, stop that! but i want to drink more. cuz i like water.

dan's new favorite screenname ever: omgwtfbbqliekwoa. lauri wins.

two amazing things that were said to me the other day. by different people no less. "i think i should start doing virgins." "i need to start banging more of our friends."

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