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but i'm really just a sensitive artist

Ilka body has a body, ne'er a ane hae I;
But a' the lads they loe me, and what the waur am I.

-robert burns
i don't actually like robert burns. mostly his poems don't say anything, and they are not saying it in an incomprehensible (to me) dialect. that bit is pretty though

HAHAHAHAH i just got a spam with the subject "Escaping-offshore---We'll-show-you-how-to-move-abroad-and-sever-ties-with-your-country-of-origin"! i wanna do that
(ok that happened a few days ago, i never got around to posting it)

i am reading catcher in the rye finally. i never read it back in school like apparently everyone else in the world did, and it's been on my personal reading list for basically forever. and i'm just now getting to it. i'm about halfway thru so far, and i like it a lot. other people's comments on it have been pretty evenly split so far- no one thinks it is bad or anything, but a lot of peopel were bored by it, whcih i can see. not a lot is actually going on. he goes here, he goes there, he talks to people, he watches people. it's pretty much a long character study. and he doesn't even change much, or reveal anything new. i dunno. i mean i'm just halfway thru, maybe there will be a thrilling car chase or something at the end. and holden is kindof a goober, he just goes on about being depressed for no particular reason and how everyone in the world is a big phony but like 5 people. i find him a very likable goober though. and the language of the book is just lovely, it's all straight 1st person narrative but still has some really great phrases without sounding selfconscious
"But I roomed with him for about two whole months, even though he bored me till I was half crazy, just because he was such a terrific whistler, the best I ever heard. So I don't know about bores. Maybe you shouldn't feel too sorry if you see some swell girl getting married to them. They don't hurt anybody, most of them, and maybe htey're secretly all terrific whistlers or something. Who the hell knows? Not me."

(and now a short pause for our sponsors)

okay now i have finished the book. nothing happened. what was the point of that? i mean, the writing's great, the character is nice, but it was basically 200 pages of the same thing happening and him having the same thoughts about it. i am as much a fan of slow quiet unexciting literature as the next overeducated snob, but cripes! salinger shoulda thrown in a damn car chase like i said
also, this book makes me feel really lonely. i usually feel lonely when i'm alone, and sometimes when i'm not if i'm in a mood. but like, this loneliness is from the book. holden is a lonely kid, lonely and sad. i want to talk to him, try and cheer him up a little. he seems like such a nice guy. haha i'm such a fuckin sap sometimes. you know, when i first saw home alone (when it was still in theaters. i forget quite when that was, but i was a young one still, at any rate), i practically cried cuz i felt so bad for the robbers. they got the holy shit beat out of them. it was when they were on that wire thing and kevin cut it and they slammed into the wall, that's what really set me off. of course i know theyre assholes and were gonna do worse to him if they caught him, but still.. they went thru a whole freaking lot of pain. that was really a sadistic movie, in its loony toon way.
okay so i didnt get catcher, i looked it up online to see what people thought of it, and found an analysis that basically said he was getting increasingly suicidal and cynical and scattered. i can see all that now that it's pointed out to me. i have a lot of trouble reading unreliable narrators. i will believe anything people tell me. but yeah, i was basically seeing everything from holden's pov, which now that i think about it was not the most lucid. ha i wonder what that says about me, identifying with the crazies. i suppose to an extent i have some of the same trains of thought as holden does (according to this analysis anyway). idealisation of innocence and hate of pretention and avoiding responsibility, etc. this is why people become philosophers, i bet, (or any theoretical type, for that matter) abstract life is easier than real life. ha. this is one of those personal epiphonies i have sometimes, where i realize exactly how i work, and then decide in the morning that none of it made sense. but yeah. perhaps i'll read it again and see what perspective i get. it's a quick read, i got thru in 2 days, and it got me thinking

2 of colleen's freinds IMed me tonight, mildly drunk. it was a very strange conversation, but they seemed nice see next post

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