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and again

i just sat here and reread/skimmed through on wings of song by thomas disch. he is a fantastically good and fantastically sad writer. the book is full of symbols and parallels and dystopian ideas and satire and blah blah intellectual bullshit. it's also a beautiful story. hope strength love ideals loss corruption despair death. it's all so goddamn sad and tragic, straight through. i got rid of his other two books i had when my parents had that yardsale right before they moved, because reading them depressed me too much, but i kept this one because it is so good. but it depresses me too. i think i'll bring it to goodwill or the library. or maybe i'll just throw it out. if i want rid of it for its being hypnotizingly sad, why would i give it to someone else? i don't know.
ooh! lauri asked me if adaptation was good, and part of my answer is a good summation of this. "i admire it but i don't enjoy it"

on the plus side, i cannot listen to this song without grinning. it's so silly and goofy and cute. and i imagine very sarcastic, in its machiavellian way[1], but they do an admirable job of keeping straightfaced about it. and what is with that highpitched singing at the end?? that's just crazy

[1] as a sidenote, i read a theory somewhere (i forget where) that the prince was actually meant as a pretty nasty satire, and not as the straight-up advice manual/political history it is normally viewed as.

by the way, i blame kevin for my journal suddenly getting all pretensiously thoughtful today and yesterday. we had one of those odd latenight philosophical conversations and now my head is stuck in that mode. well, when i'm not distracted it is. luckily i am very distractable.

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