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the most amazing phonecall of life

so this guy calls at about 2:30am, and asks for my roommate kevin and starts telling kevin that he was hanging out wiht dan last night (assuming he meant me, this did not occur, and i have no idea who it is) and says dan told this guy that kevin is a big party animal and punk rocker, and he wanted to let kevin know that there is some party at the axis tomrorow night and the unseen will be there and we shoudl go, and it's like 9 til midnight, and he will come pick us up tomororw at 9:30. and kevin says that he is working tomorrow til 11 and cant go (he is working til 8), cuz he's all confused and weirded out by this guy. but the guy just says again that he'll come by tomorrow at 9:30 and he'll wait for him, and he knew what street we live on and it was so freaking weird and i hope he doesnt show up tomorrow and stab us
and there was a lot more to it than that, and the guy was a little drunk (off mango kiwi wine coolers, i believe) and said a lot of stuff that made no sense and was even more confusing than that straight. apparently he first said dan told him good things about kevin, then changed it to kevin told him good things about kevin, then changed that to HE was dan and who knows who told him what about who. but yeah. crazy dude, coming tomorrow night.

in other news, i went to see lyzi tonight. fun! we had shopping adventures adn then hung around her livingroom til she kicked me out to go to bed

alicia: "i think he was shocked and saddened to see me walking around with a dead cat"
me: "yeah i think i would be shocked by that too"
alicia: "well, yeah, but it was in a bag and had no skin"

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