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God, how awesome would it be if there were a dinosaur named Awesome Awesome? Pretty fucking awesome!

ew i just found a creepy thing. it loked kinda like a smooshed piece of stale popcorn only it was a bit brown like it was burned, and it broke when i picked it up and it was hollowed

i wish i'd lived in the 60s. naive idealism, acid trips, and free love. it all sounds very appealing

the most important thing i have to do, most days, is wake julie from her naps.

fun thought for the day: ebola's extreme nastiness is precisely what makes it less of a threat. if it took longer to kill people it would have spread a whole lot farther and wiped out assloads of people. but it is so powerful and kills so quickly and violently that it is relatively easy to quarantine outbreaks before they spread too far. which is not to say that it wouldn't be very very very bad if it suddenly showed up in NYC, but it is much less likely for that to happen (discounting terrorists or something) than for some new type of flu or something to make the journey instead

"When it comes to a disease like AIDS we can do something that chimps can't. We can use condoms." -steve jones, discussing evolution's relevence to society

i just killed a ladybug by accident. i was sitting here and felt something thwap[1] against my head and i instinctively reached up and grabbed it and dropped it. i didn't smoosh it or anything, i just took it off of my head. but a second later when i looked down to see what it was, it was already not moving, even when i left it alone for a bit and then tried prodding it. ladybugs are cute and nice. sorry buggy.

[1] at first i had written 'swap' here. as pure sound, that seems much more accurate, but it sadly already has a meaning and didn't look right[2] as a batman kpow word
[2] okay, that one i just wrote 'write'. i have no excuse for that.

in other news of things hitting me unexpectedly, desiree squirted me with a watergun a minute ago. so i beat her to death with my chair pillow.

coolest word ever: syzygy. it doesn't mean anything interesting (something from astronomy, and combining poetic feet), but look at it. syzygy! that beats queue. extra y's are fun

"There was a boy, a chess player, once, who revealed that his gift consisted partly in a clear inner vision of potential moves of each piece as objects with flashing or moving tails of coloured light: He saw a live possible pattern of potential moves and selected them according to which ones made the pattern strongest, the tensions greatest. His mistakes were made when he selected not the toughest, but the most beautiful lines of light." -A. S. Byatt, "The Virgin in the Garden"

i wonder if, academically speaking, there is any thought on the citing of second-generation sources. say you are doing research for somethign and you read an article. the article itself doesn't supply you any useful information, but it mentions three other articles, and you do get something useful from each of those three. now obviously you would cite those three articles, but what of the first article, which overall seems to have helped you the most? in terms of helping others who are interested in the same topic, it is easier for both of you to supply a shorter list of more effective sources. in terms of avoiding plagiarism, of course you have to cite hte articles the actual information came from so as to not be stealing it, but if you leave out the other article are you stealing their research? i would say so.
of course, i almost never say where all the quotes and thoughts and links i put in here and funbox come from. oh well. the quote directly above this came from the roger ebert review of "searching for bobby fischer" which apparently was based on the autobiography by the real-life kid's (josh waitzkin's) dad. who knew.

globalization. i am almost entirely ignorant of the working of economics. it seems as mysterious to me as biology. i think i should read these.

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