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we never did find out what challots are - here is where i live — LiveJournal

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July 26th, 2004

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05:15 am - we never did find out what challots are
from desiree

nose: kingnixon
elbow: kingnmixcon
tongue: kingnixon (my keyboard tastes kinda gross)
chin: k9nvb8 mjik cd3kn7 mhj
feet: kingjnyhi8xon
eyes closed and one finger: kingbuxib
back of your hand: i9jngymnj oifcolmn
palm: lkjmnb, mnb,vcimnb
mouse: kloijnhgnmoixcon (i wanted to be a nerd on this one and do it all using the charmap, but then i rememebred that would take a long time and i didn't care very much)
wrist: kii8nbgftnmi8xzo9nbh

hooray!! i like kingbuxib

i was in manch today, for my mom's birthday dinner. i love how whenever it's someone in my family's birthday, or we all just happen to be there, we go out to eat somewhere in celebration. works out for me real well, free good food is A+ for dan.
renny was in jersey today, to see his guru - maharaji, or something like that - speak somewhere. some guy who looks like a much richer buddha. from the little i've seen of renny's tapes, this guy does not impress me with his spiritual wisdom and moral virtue. but hey, what do i know about such things.
i had a lovely time wtih my parents, as always. some things of myself i can see crystal clear that it came from them (and then some things i dont know where the hell it came from). i feel like i take them for granted sometimes. i know enough people with awful relationships with their families to know i'm really lucky, but it's hard to think that what has existed for me for eternity is something unusual. i really do have a wonderful family though. i should tell them that sometime.

globalization. i am almost entirely ignorant of the working of economics. it seems as mysterious to me as biology. i think i should read these. and i start with a book i got off ebay, "how the stock market works". soon i'll be super rich. yep.
furthermore i am a dolt. i just noticed that i posted this link like 5 days ago. IT IS NOW TWICE AS TRUE
state: neck ache
np: top secret 90s mix song

(en garde!)

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