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how to kill 5 minutes

The \\
Last Cigarette:5/23 at the fallon's graduation party. wait no, that was a cigar. i think my last cigarette was sophomore year
Last Alcoholic Drink:had a beer at whatshername's house. kevin's friend.
Last Car Ride:just got home from checking out an apartment
Last Kiss:kate lucas, end of may, the night before she went back to cleveland
Last Good Cry:no idea
Last Library Book:isaac bashevis singer "in my father's court". currently: steven pinker "words and rules"
Last book bought:no idea. i always get a sack of books when i'm at goodwill
Last Book Read:see library books
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:spiderman 2
Last Movie Rented:unbreakable
Last Cuss Word Uttered:i dunno
Last Beverage Drank:water
Last Food Consumed:elio's pepperoni pizza
Last Crush:colleen
Last Phone Call:lauri, i think
Last TV Show Watched:simpsons
Last Time Showered:yesterday afternoon
Last Shoes Worn:uhh my normal shoes
Last CD Played:spacehog "resident alien". playing it now, in fact!
Last Item Bought:the cd "jimmy ray" by the artist "jimmy ray" featuring the song "are you jimmy ray?"
Last Download:the name of the rose, which i watched last night
Last Annoyance:my alarm clock
Last Disappointment:"i just don't think about you that way"
Last Soda Drank:mountain dew when i picked up kevin and desiree from work the other night
Last Thing Written:notes about apartments while on the phone with rentors
Last Key Used:car key
Last Words Spoken:"oh yay, thanks!"
Last Sleep:last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:chocolate fribble
Last Chair Sat In:this one! julie bought me it for hanukkah, and i got a pillow for it
Last Webpage Visited:livejournal


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