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yesterday me kevin and mike went to see the gin blossoms in boston. that was fun! they pretty much sound exactly as they used to, only with longer guitar solos. before they came on, the soundboard guy played this weird song with a guy talking about how the band on stage sucks and their songs suck and "go home, cracker!" i'm not sure if that was meant to be part of the show or not, cuz the band looked kindof annoyed by it

today, me and mike were gonna go swimming. stupid south berwick made the whole area around the lake a tow-away zone! there's nowhere to park now. so we went out to durham instead and jumped off the bridge. i am a big pansy and it took me forever to jump

the high point of the day though was definitely when asha (sketchy dumb older bosslady at holloway) randomly called mike's cellphone. when he figured out who it was, he got this look of terrified confusion on his face. it was priceless. maybe she'll ask him on another date

finally, it has been brought to my attention that what i said about giving up on people in my last post could probably have been written a lot clearer. i didn't mean i am going to ditch a bunch of friends i am done with; i meant i am sick of trying to be friends with people who pretty clearly are no longer interested in being friends with me. that you're reading this in hte first place is a good indication that you're probably safe

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