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queer eye for the dan guy

so today, jenn and casie had an intervention for my room. they came over and helped/made me clean.
when i was informed yesterday that this would be happening, i was kindof amused, but leery of having all my stuff rearranged. other people's reactions were pretty evenly split between "thank god" and "it's your room, don't let them in". the deciding factor was..
CasieLee483: i wouldnt sleep with johnny depp in that room
when johnny depp is getting shot down, that is a major problem

so! here is an illustrated guide to the wonders of room-cleaning:

this was my messy slobby room. it was very clean.

note the headboard in the middle of the room. i hadn't gotten around to putting my bed together. i have lived here for a year, by the way

step 1 was moving lots of stuff out of my room

some of it even got moved to desiree's room when there was no space left in the hall

my room with less stuff in it

that blue pillow is the best thing on earth. i care about it more than you.

now my room is so clean!!!

in that purple pumpkin, from right to left: herbert hoover: heroes of democracy action figure; woody from toy story (he talks when you punch him in the chest!); i forget this guy's name but he looks androidy and you can make his head explode. also note SPECIAL DELUXE alien queen action figure on the floor, unopened. i got that a million years ago when those toys came out (i had one that i played with too). i wonder if it's worth anything, what with the new movie out now

in other news..

King Nixon (1:44:10 AM): i was thirsty just now, but i didnt have any juice around. so i drank a glass of applesauce
hartrageous (1:44:36 AM): hahahahah
hartrageous (1:44:45 AM): ohhh man that's funny cause i just did that with pudding

edited more than 2 years later!! i just noticed that somehow i didn't include jeremiah in my thanks. he showed up a bit later and helped. thanks jeremiah!

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