Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

yay drunk

[so this was actually written 4am the night of the 24th (or morning of the 25th if you prefer). i have no memory of writing this but just noticed it there today. at the time i had posted it private, which good for drunkydan for thinking to do, but now i've whipped up a special friendgroup to sock it in. enjoy]

here is drunk dan talking in profile not proifle i am drunk its my journal i am pupdating it with a post yay. i like colleen. i like her so much soo fucking much i want ot just kiss her and hold her and stuff and make her smile and she is so fucking beautiful i cant take it. but i dont know, it's nothing new, i laywa slike someone and i always think it's like super duper much forevers and i dont know. i'm an idiot, i'm a sap. i always do this, it's such as utpid pattern. i coudl probably get other girls or something, but i'm so hung up on someone who doesnt like me. alayways this way.

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