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a sugary delight of beef

okay so i went to holloway like a MONTH ago to sign up for shifts, but they kept saying they didnt have the schedule ready yet and come back next week, adn then finally school had started so i figured they had to have a schedule so i went over, adn they had a table by the entrance for people to sign up. i was talkin to the lady, therese, at the table, and she told me if i wanted to work fulltime i had to go thru, i couldn't sign up at the table cuz that was just for parttime (why they didnt tell me this a month ago, i dont know). she also said she was looking for someone fulltime at reception, which is the spot i wanted. so i'm like okie doke, adn i go sign up at the site, and i'm waiting, and not hearing anything back
so today i went over to holloway again to see what's up. this other dude at the table today tells me a) the only fulltime they are looking for is in teh dishroom b) they aren't hiring nonstudents as parttime c) unhjobs is the WRONG SITE, i should have gone through the human resources site. so i don't have any idea what's going on there now
i dont wanna work in teh dishroom... the dishroom blows. but yeah i really dont know. i mean, mike worked in holloway part time last year, as like the same as me, but he wasnt a student. he's in grad school now but he was taking a yr off, i dunno if that counted or not. who the hell knows

so in conclusion, do you know of any jobs that'd be good for me?

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