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freedom is the ignorance of necessity. -spinoza

so you may have noticed that i rarely post in here lately. there's no particular reason for that, i still have things to say adn i still type them up. but then they get left in the lj client thingy and saved in there and every so often i will post some of them but mostly they just sit there. i dunno why, really, it's just how i've been doing it for awhile. since a bit before graduation, i think.
anyway though, just now i went through and deleted a ton of it. stuff from months and months ago. and this is good, in the sense that i have gotten rid of a small bit of useless crap, but it's bad in the sense that now something interesting or amusing or notable has been probably lost forever. things that may never happen again ever to anyone. on the other hand, i doubt any of you really want to read about what i thought or saw or heard at a party or something last year. as if you would've at the time.
why do i have this thing again?


this is what happens when i read 3/4s of fight club in one night. i also had other things i wanted to write but didn't and then forgot, and i wanted to call alex and rant to him about why i don't write anymore and how i'm only in it for the ideas, but it turns out that's not true anyway and i do actually love to write sometimes. though i'm sure i'll forget that again soon enough. and i still want to be larry cohen. but i wrote this anyway.
also: yes each paragraph is one sentence. i'm sure it's impossible to read. i had enough trouble writing it; i wouldn't want to have to make sense of it too (though even if you are able to read it, i don't think it makes much real sense either). i tried to keep it grammatical and properly punctuated, but i'm not sure that's possible, so there it messily is.

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