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starburn55 (11:59:50 PM): psh... you win my ass - here is where i live

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September 26th, 2004

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12:39 pm - starburn55 (11:59:50 PM): psh... you win my ass
heron is in peacecore (corp?). today she leaves for THE UKRAINE FOR TWO YEARS. ahhh!! so tuesday, i went down to cranston to see her. it was nice. we didn't do a lot, just kinda hung around her house and made food (turns out cooking sucks way less when it's a team effort) and ate food and played games and stuff. but yeah, i'll miss her. we will be email buddies.
then i got kicked out cuz she had to get up early, so i went over to julie/desiree/joel's. well, this was after i spent a half hour trying to call them, because i had forgotten to charge my cell and my datanet acct was mysteriously suspended after they deleted my address for no apparent reason. but hey. dinosaur is still a spaz of a kitten, but too adorable to do anything but giggle at. after she got done slashing my ankles and poking my eyeball (really! it friggin hurt), she cuddled on me and we went to sleep. it was cute. oh yeah, and the parking people down there are huuuuuuuuge assholes who may or may not have the slightest clue what we are allowed to do re parking. and when i went to move my car, i cleverly locked myself out of the house.
wednesday i went to visit davin in boston, on the way back. it was fun! we made tacos. okay, she made tacos, but i helped shop. and i bought this bizarre drink that i wish i'd kept the bottle of cuz the ingredient list was long and incredible. it had fucking broccoli and avacado in it! it tasted like an apple/banana/yogurt smoothie. and after years of people demanding i do so, i had my first krispy kreme krusty klown kollege donuts. they were indeed tasty and melty, though not as mindblowing as i had been told. and we watched a thing on the news about snakes coming up through people's toilets.

i want to murder boston. not hte people in it, the actual city itself. every time i drive in boston i get hateful, and this was the worst of it. i don't think i have ever been in such an aggravating driving situation. leave the quincy adams T station around midnight, get on 93N, the somethingorother tunnel is blocked off so we all have to take the exit into boston. there are no signs anywhere saying where we are supposed to detour to, so i basicaly just drive straight until i see a sign for 93. bounce in and out of lanes because the signs like to point in conflicting directions. other people are doing this as well so basically we are all swerving around each other as we cruise down the street. finally get to the 93N onramp, which is ALSO BLOCKED OFF. so away we go again (oh, and this was all in crawling traffic, by the way). this time they were nice enough to tell us where to go. detour to starrow drive, it says. okay. starrow drive is a ginormous street, so i figure there will be signs for it. a sign says to go straight to get to 93N, so i'm going straight. i spot another sign BEHIND A CONCRETE PILLAR SUCH THAT IT CANNOT BE SEEN BEFORE YOU HAVE CROSSED THE INTERSECTION which says i should have gone left. splendid. i haven't seen anything that says starrow, so i figure i should trust the real sign over the secret sign and i keep going. another sign comes up saying that 93N is still ahead of me, which is nice. i go around a bend and find that the road is forking. a TINY sign hanging directly over the fork i am going into tells me to go right and i narrowly manage to do so. the road forks again, with no signs saying where to go. the road forks again, this time in three directions, the only sign says that 99N is straight. i don't know what the hell's going on at this point, so i turn around, and now find myself on 99S, where eventually i am able to turn onto a ramp that turns onto a ramp that turns onto 93N. which only has one lane open for awhile. and then we have to drive halfway into the breakdown lane for awhile to avoid the traffic cones which were apparently dropped out of a cropduster. and then, at the bright and early hour of 3am, i arrive home.

i forget what day thsi was, perhaps sunday, but i went to a potluck at kristen/liz's. that was rad. i magically knew most of hte people there by various random connections, the food was good, and we spent most of the evening laughing our asses off. a really fun night. amazing things katie said that night:
"death is like christmas!"
"but then how do you know which one is, like, utah and which one is florida?" [referring to maps that have shades of green instead of like purple and yellow and stuff for different states]
"your yellow wallpaper is just like the yellow wallpaper in the yellow wallpaper"

np: Public Image Ltd - 80's Alternative - 08 - This Is Not A Love Song

(4 shots upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:September 26th, 2004 12:34 pm (UTC)

good post.

your boston paragraph only made me fonder of my city. i agree though. whoever is in charge of signs and roads in general (not to mention the big frig, i mean dig) should be deported and then continually harrassed. i just moved to florida, so i found your aggrivation endearing. :)

and that comment about the yellow wallpaper rules. have you ever read that story? it's insane.

[User Picture]
Date:October 1st, 2004 12:39 pm (UTC)

Re: good post.

haha yeah, florida is the opposite problem. to get anywhere, you have to drive 6 hours in a straight line. at least there's cool swamp trees everywhere

yeah, it's one of my favorite stories. so skin-crawly
[User Picture]
Date:September 27th, 2004 11:12 am (UTC)
i love your long rambling old man but funny entries.
[User Picture]
Date:September 27th, 2004 09:03 pm (UTC)
old man?

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