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it is goddamn freezing today

end of the weekend
and kurt cobain says that he's a player now
his days of being rejected by my sister
have come to a close

i am now a proud(?) employee of measured progress[1] and of calendar club[2] and of macy's[3].

[1] i got hired as a test scorer for measured progress, which turns out to be the flakiest company ever. for reals. from my interview, i got the impression i was being hired to read essays on standardized tests, which sounded kinda awful but at least it's some kind of real experience related to my major. also, it was supposed to be 40 hrs/wk thru teh end of january. but then it got changed to 20 hrs/wk for a week and a half, and then it got changed to only being a week. so i show up and it turns out that it is going back to a week and a half, but i probably can't do the last few days because i'd gotten these other jobs in the meantime.
it also turned out we aren't grading essays, we are grading short responses on 5th-7th grade ESL tests. this sounds awful but is the most hilarious job everrrrr. like one question was they had to write what a dog does. and they were writing the craziest stuff. "the dog do chris" "the dogs can do prech and sin can to" "dogs can pork" "the dog is my sister" "the dog can teach you to run fast because it can run fast" "is dog love". there was another one where they had to write the name of an animal that interested them. "i like dogs and dragons". some people wrote bigfoot. a ton of kids put cows. i really dont think i could come up with a less interesting animal than a cow. "a big lion that will eat you" "LL cool J"
and apparently this is the 1st timethe company has had an evening shift, so it is super relaxed. there's only like 20 of us there, and we were all walkin around and reading out the fun answers we got and making bad jokes. tonight seriously was one of the funnest times i've had at a job. and one of the bossladies, all i can think of when she's talking is chris farley in those zagats skits on SNL. oh, and there's this girl meredith who works there; she is rad but she's married. ah well

[2] calendar club is just as useless as it sounds: a store in the mall that sells calendars. i have no idea how this place stays in business. i think the last calendar i bought was 5th grade. but anyway, this looks to be my ideal job; every time i go in, they're just standing around bitching about stuff and reading and playing solitaire on the cell-phone kiosk outside the store. the manager is a cute spaz who swears a ton[4], even at customers. so i'm pretty psyched for this job. they could only give me 15-20 hrs though, so i am going with macy's too. though apparently the boss doenst want to compete with macys for my hours, come the xmas season. so i may not be working there after all. i won't know til friday

[3] macy's i assume will suck. it sure seems like it. i have 'register training' tomorrow. but steph works there, so that's cool. oh, and when i went to my macy's interview, the guy was seriusly almost a half hour late. if i was a half hour late to an interview, they woudla laughed me outta the store. it's laaaaaaaaame

[4] she is 21, manages 3 stores, is married, and has kids. i feel like a friggin toddler, talking to her

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