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license plate i saw yesterday: M&M143

i was all excited yesterday cuz i got my 1st paycheck in like 6 months. and then i realized that not only can i not actually spend it or use it to pay my credit card or anything, cuz it has to go to rent, but it only covers half my rent. and when i went to measured progress today there was no one there. lame.
and i think my judgment of fine dining has gone down. i celebrated my paycheck by going to subway for dinner. mediteranian chicken sub, delicious!

i've talked to capitalone customer service peoples twice recently and OH EM GEE they are the most obsequious people i have ever encountered. i feel like if i met them in person they would be licking my boots. i don't even get the snideness about it that i usually pick up from people like that. i can't quite place the accent, but it sounds almost australian. are companies outsourcing to australia now? THE DINGO ATE MY CELLPHONE

i want to take you all, wrap you up in a warm blanket, and protect you from everything. when my friends are sad it's like i've been punched in the gut, and i hate that there's nothing i can do to help anyone

when i was filling out my tax forms and crap for work, jen looked at what i put and was like, hey if you put 0 here you'll get more money back at the end of the year. umm yeah but then i'll get paid less each week. i think people odn't realize that their tax refunds are actually teh money the govt was taking from them all year back and now you get a little bit of it given back to you. it's not like congress is sending you a birthday present or something.

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