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at a family yankee swap the other day, i got pens/pencils/paper. it's awesome though cuz i am totally gonna put those to use. except the pencils, cuz who still uses pencils?
and either way, way better than my poor cousin-in-law who won a shower brush
i got #13 out of 13 people, which rules cuz i get my choice of everything after my turn, but when i went to pick my gift the only thing left had FOR LADIES written on it (in my mother's handwriting, incidentally. my mom is baddd at yankee swapping. actually i take that back, half the fun of a yankee swap is seeing all the crap you can stick everyone else with, so i guess she's awesome at it). it was a pair of gloves. the shower brush and the stationary stuff i got were from my mom also. i think the winner of the jerk prize though were the two mugs that would make ridiculous noises whenever you tried to use them. i was tempted to get one of those, but i know i would hate it in a few days
and ashi just told me "shower brushes are better than pencils! youre thinking like a filthy college student." i'm graduated though, i think that means i'm just filthy

once again the other day i wrote a pissy letter to tnh. it's something i love to do: there is not much more satisfying than being a condescending asshole to idiots. the story is that freshman camp has been disbanded for 2 years and basically fucked up the ass, because 3 counselors went to a friend's 21st birthday party, invited one of their underage campers, and he was offered alcohol at the party. my thoughts:
I am not writing in defense of Freshman Camp, as I have no personal experience of it, and many other people already have. I am, however, writing in defense of alcohol, of which I have a respectable amount of personal experience, and which is being maligned left and right. The assumption all these letter-writers seem to make is that Freshman Camp is good, but those counselors were bad because alcohol is bad. This is naive at best, and more likely dangerously simplistic.
If UNH (and Congress, and parents, etc.) were honestly looking out for the students' best interests, they would throw a keg party in the MUB for all the freshmen. Attendance and drinking would be strictly voluntary, of course. Responsible people would be on hand, ensuring that nothing gets too out of hand and no one gets too sick. Better the students learn their limits and how to handle themselves in a safe environment, rather than some dingy basement somewhere (assuming they haven't already). Like it or not, people who want to drink will drink. Believe it or not, many of them will enjoy themselves responsibly.
Here is a news flash for all of you: alcohol does not kill people; being stupid kills people. If someone is not capable of responsibly handling drinking - whether by moderation, precaution, or abstaining entirely - then they probably are not long for this Earth anyway. Say hello to Darwin when you get there.

these next few paragraphs are from this day, i never got around to posting them. hi 2 weeks ago...
so, i stopped in on alex today. during the conversation, aly came up, i said how she had vanished off the earth, and he told me she'd sent him an email a couple weeks ago. and by him, i mean a mass-email to a pile of people. why FSC ddint make the cut, i dont know. apparently she's now in hawaii with her 41 yr old actor boyfriend. who knew! (update: i emailed her, she emailed back, and now i have her cell#. yay! i'll get around to calling her one of these days)
meredith was her usual terrifyingly sweet self. she makes me feel guilty that i'm not nicer to the universe. she's a total hippie who figured out how to survive in reality without adapting, it's kinda inspiring really. and at her urging (okay so she urged me to do this years ago, as have others. but shut up, i am sloth) i am now the proud owner of the intimidatingly huge 2005 writer's market. maybe in another few years i'll make use of it. (update: it was 30 bucks, i got it at b daltons in the mall. kristen informed me a few days later that, since she works there, she gets 40% off on everything in december. i asked her to buy a copy of it for me, and i would return mine. so she got me one for like 18 bucks, woo! only now i can't find the receipt for mine anywhere. oh well. anyone want a 2005 writer's market? (dad? steve? laur?) you have to actually use it though, cuz otherwise i will give it to alex or meredith, i'm sure they could find some deserving soul)
shelly was talking about how i have to get my shit together. she used this phrase upwards of infinite times, and it never stopped making me want to giggle. she's one of those people who does not sound like she naturally swears
the stupid toilet stupid clogged stupid again. i hate that thing. well no, i love it, it makes life significantly less disgusting than it would be otherwise (hurrah for indoor plumbing!), but it's kinda gross when it gets backed up. oh well. maybe it will magically fix itself in a couple days like it has in the past. if not, i guess i'll have to move. (update: nope it didnt fix itself, it got continually more awful until by the time i gave up and went to ask jeff if he had a plunger we could borrow, and he decided to plunge it himself for some weird reason, he was pretty much horrified. dan's butt: 1. hygeine: 0)
there was a christmas parade in downtown dover tonight. first off, it's not even december yet, you impatient wanks. second off, somehow i was entirely unaware of this parade until i was in it. i was driving down central ave and there were people everywhere in scary costumes and like wheeling their couches out of their homes so as to watch in plush comfort, and a lady that made me think a marathon was going on cuz i swear to god she had one of those water stations going for some reason, and a lady on a pogo-bike which ruled and i want it (instead of peddling, you bounce up and down on it), and fire trucks and police and an ambulance and i thought for a minute somebody exploded when i saw all those sirens going. that was a surreal drive. i had no idea what was happening until i got home and asked kevin about it

so! stupid holloway (unh dining hall), where i worked last year and couldnt go back this year cuz i was told they didnt hire graduates.. kevin my roommate talked to one of the boss ladies yesterday and mentioned he's graduating soon, so he would need to find another job. and she told him that actually they DO hire back graduates, and they even pay them more (10$/hr) cuz theyre more experienced. so that idiot i had talked to screwed me over. grr, stupid weird-teeth creepy bastard

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