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customers are weird

is it common knowledge that the game store is owned by the same company as calendar club? i sure didn't know that til i started working there, and i don't see any reason to assume it is so. but i can't think of any other reason for the people who continually come up to me after staring at our board games for 5 minutes, to ask "do you have calendars with border collies?" or whatever weirdly specific breed of dog they love. and when i AM at the calendar store, people are hereby forbidden from coming up to me and saying "how much are your calendars?" i want to tally up every copy of every calendar we have, so i can give those people a total cost. they're not all the same price, adn they all have prices right on them dammit.

man who sounded vaguely like norm from cheers: you guys got any half-naked chicks standing near cars?
me: umm i think the closest we've got would be Construction Chicks.
norn: but there's no cars! we can't hang it up without cars

some guy was looking for a calendar the other day, and i found it for him. so he says "hey, you're hot shit!" that's one of the best compliments i've gotten in awhile

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