Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

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fun fact

apparently for state farm, the good student discount is worth 5 times more than the good driver discount, for CAR insurance. whaaaaaaaaaat??
this comes up because state farm sent my parents a letter to say i no longer have a good driver discount because of a speeding ticket i got in september (which i have no memory of. though to be fair, it was over a year ago), and which i apparently didn't pay til 2 months later for some reason. why i wouldve waited so long, i have no idea. why it's taken them so long to tell us, i have no idea.

my hermit crabs still haven't gotten over being terrified of me. jacque (i finally decided jacque was the one in the green shell and claude was the one in the blue shell. when they get new shells, i'm screwed) was just trying to mate with a pingpong ball i think, but when i got up so i could watch better he immediately retratched into his shell. i am nice! they should stop being afraid of me so we can play

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