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okay. so, DATA had their show tonight. i wanted to go. jen my boss lady was making the schedule on like saturday, and she asks me if i reallyyyyyyy need a day off this week. obvoiusly i would like a day off, but i know we've lost a ton of people due to their being fired for sucking at life, and more pay would be neat. so i tell her i dont need a day off, but could i get out wednesday by like 6? she says yeah that'll be fine. i'm all yay, and i leave. come in the next day to see that i am scheduled to CLOSE tonight, not to mention open tomorrow. okay whatever. i look at the schedule and i guess there wasnt any other way to do it cuz no one else could work.
so anyway, flash to today. i'm workin in the store. she asks me to go down to the kiosk, and says i'll be there for an hour til mohab shows up. since i'll only be there an hour i didnt bring my stuff with me.
apparently by an hour she meant 6 hours. i called after 2 hours and she said it was super busy and she needed mohab to stay up there with her. so i'm like okay, cuz it was not busy at all down my end of the mall,, but it never is so who can tell. at like 8:30 she calls and says she'll be down in like a half hour to give me my long overdue break. never turns up, of course. at like 10:40 she sends mohab down to close the kiosk so i can go close the game store because matt who is working there is an idiot and can't do it himself. why she scheduled him to close in teh first place, i dont know
so i go do that, it takes forever because everything hates me. i get to the store with my register and she is yelling at matt for god knows what. i missed what happened so i dont know which of them fucked up. i realize at this point that she has 4 people shceduled to close 3 registers, so obviously she didnt actually need me there.
i count out the drawer and it is like 200 bucks off. she's freaking out cuz of that and cuz the paperwork is all messed up and going everywhere, so she starts taking the numbers off the register tape and putting them on the closing form and telling me what i did wrong and i mustve miscounted. the managers all do this and it pisses me off. i counted the MONEY. i dont care what the computer says should be there, this is how much IS there. dont copy down what the tape says and blame me. eventually she figures out that it was off cuz she fucked up earlier in the day, and we get to leave a half hour late. after she's yelled at matt again for holding the money that she handed to me for no reason when i was trying to write down teh check #s on the deposit ticket, so i handed it to him
and i get to go back in again at 9am

bluestblue6 (12:33:42 AM): poor boy ;(
bluestblue6 (12:34:00 AM): BAD manager
King Nixon (12:35:25 AM): she's a really cool girl. but when she's working she gets FREAKED out and starts doing stupid stuff and yelling at everyone. she needs to chill the hell out

oh, and i had an amazing customer tonight, right when i was starting to close the game store, this old lady walks up to me and says "do you have that new game?"
me: "which game is this?"
"i don't know. i saw a commercial for it on tv, it looked good. do you have it?"
so naturally, i told her it hadnt come in yet

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