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most of an email i just sent to wunh kids..

has anyone else gotten really really creepyass calls from a lady named dorie lee? (i'm probably spelling that wrong, not that you can tell over the phone anyway)
she called me 4 or 5 times tonight, and she would drag the conversation on as long as possible and try to argue when i said i had to go. she kept askign me all these weird personal questions and carrying on like we were best friends, and started making weird references to things. "i can tell you have other things on your mind. you dont want to be on the radio, you want to talk to your girlfriend".. or "so you'll be on all night, right?" i say no, "oh, well isn't THAT interesting". i'm sure this doesnt sound like anything now, and probably she was just a lonely weirdo and i was being paranoid, but she REALLY creeped me out. she was just weird. i kept expecting to turn around and she'd be standing there with an axe. oh yeah, and the best part is she coudlnt even HEAR me on the air. she spent like 10 minutes on the phone with me trying to tune her crappy old radio and coudlnt pick us up. oh and the first time she called (to request some xmas jazz), she said something about how i was playing such interesting stuff. so she was lying about something.

all i know about her is her name's dorie lee, which she likes to say a lot ("i'm dorie lee!!"), she thinks wunh is crumbling because we just do it for fun and arent going into radio as a career, and she is "third generation". i have no idea what that meant. she said this in response to me saying our range isnt that strong because we're a college station. eventually, after she asked me a bunch of weird questions, i said i didnt really want to get into a personal conversation with someone i didnt really know, and she gets all huffy "O-KAY!" and slams down the phone.

so anyway, i was all weirded out and i called the unh police escort thing to bring me to my car. that's why i didnt finish putting the cds away, they said theyd be there in 5 minutes, so i left the station after 5 minutes

~dan, a pansy

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