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work has been such a goddamn drama rama lately, it's pissing me off. i'm stayin the hell out of it, but manager jen and nice dope matt are at each other's throats, and they both gripe to me about each other. i have no idea what happened to start it, but jen is really bitchy to him and he is really passive aggressive back to her. it's making the place very tense.

so i suavely managed to drop some stupid card game at work tonight and it exploded everywehre. seriously it was a huge mess. all these tools walkin by just laughed and a few said "nice job" as they went by. real classy dudes, obviously. but this one guy stopped and helped me pick them up. he seemed more offended by the assholes laughing than i was. "some people are so shitty, i hate that. go figure it's the pierced freak who helps you out." thank you very much, mister pierced freak. you're a good guy.

i also got shot down by the gorgeous iron-on mug/t-shirt girl who works right next to the game store (the one with red hair and a nose stud, for those of you keeping tabs). she said she's got a boyfriend but i know enough people who've used that as an excuse not to trust it. ah well.

today kristan drove up from manch cuz she's rad. we were gonna go see the spongebob movie, but yahoo once again led me astray about when/where a movie is showing. then we drove to newington but nothing was starting til like 3, so we came back here and watched dead alive. man, that movie is so much better when you're watching it with someone who's never seen it

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