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i called the courthouse today, to find out why i was never informed of my trial verdict, and apparently someone just screwed up entering me into the system. they had my mailing address wrong, and when she checked teh trial info, it said i was found not guilty but had pled guilty. which would be a good trick. but anyway, she checked, i am not guilty, and the official whatevers will be mailed to the correct current address. I TOTALLY WON. NOT GUILTY ALL OVER YOUR FACE, COP. or as my mom said, "you have won your first case, mr widrew"

i thought of the greatest thing the other day. i want to market some food product, and in the list of ingredients put "not poison". it'd be like, ingredients: milk, water, boners, garlic, cheese, not poison, xanthum gum, yellow 5

i have to be at work in less than 10 1/2 hours :(

oh, i don't think i ever mentioned it in here, but for those too lazy/busy/crappy to listen to my radio show (WUNH 91.3fm, thursday night [friday morning], midnight to 2am): bam! that link will always work, holding each show for a week. officially i am only on for those first two blocks, but i usually go over a little, because we are very professional DJs.
though this week is actually extra goofed up because of break and whatnot. it's dead air until almost 24 minutes in, and i went til around 3:30 when dorie lee scared me off

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