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go jesus, it's your birfday, gonna party like it's your birfday..

so now we enter the post-xmas consumer orgasm. every last thing at calendar club is 50% off. i discovered that, for whatever reason, the registers either round up or down on the discount, depending on which point in the transaction i punch it in. so i spent a large part of my day bilking people out of a cent here and a cent there, because making change on a $6.00 purchase is easier than on a $5.99 purchase. maybe that will make up for the 20 bucks my register came up short the other day.
i was thinking that maybe i shouldn't be stiffing all those people their little bits of a cent, adn that as i have been given the choice, i should do the extra work of counting change (oh noes!) to Stick It To The Man. on the other hand, all the people i would be aiding are stupid enough to be buying overpriced calendars anyway, so nuts to them. on the other other hand, i wouldn't be sticking it to the hypothetical man anyway: SRV (the company that owns calendar club, along with the game store, along with b daltons, along with barnes and noble, along with best buy, along with probably your house and firstborn son) doesn't take the hit for any losses a store might incur - they make the store owner foot the bill. so i would actually be sticking it to dan the owner. now, granted, dan is a prick so i don't mind sticking it to him (stick it to the prick?). but he would probably just take it out on jen and gil anyway, and i like them. so i would be sticking it to my cow-orkers in the end. trickle-down stickonomics.
in conclusion, my first instinct to be lazy and self-serving is once again proven the wise and correct choice.
oh yeah, and why the hell are they still playing that fucking awful christmas music at the mall? AIN'T CHRISTMAS NO MORE, SUCKAS. seriously, those songs are just terrible. there is good xmas music out there, they just refuse to have anything to do with it. i bet the mall playlist makes baby jesus cry.

i was at lauri's for xmas on saturday (and friday night). she's home from washington for a bit, and it's become something of a tradition for me to have xmas dinner with her family. that, as always, was a treat. this was my first exposure to a christmas morning though, and honestly it seemed incredibly joyless. they all woke up at like 8am to spend an hour sittign in the livingroom taking turns opening presents and mechanically thanking each other and yelling at each other for imagined faux-pas. then we had breakfast.
i dont know how it is for other families. but it just seemed like a completely useless holiday. get an assload of presents and eat an assload of food adn that's it. like, there were more presents than they could even reasonably enjoy. if someone gave me a toy, iwould be happy and i would use it. if someone gave me 300 toys, i wouldnt know what to do. gift gluttony.
though dave just says i am unamerican and can't multi-task, and that xmas is "fairly kickass"

this is possibly the sweetest song ever.

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