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my bank account got h4x0r3d

cheers to my car being all fixed. it was the exhaust and the muffler, only took an hour to patch up.

jeers to mysterious "DEBIT WEB INITIATED PAYMENT"s for 150$ on my bank account from the 14th. the only web initiated payments i can think of are paying my credit card, anything else i do online would be through that. and the other web payments on my acct ARE to capital one. but this one is just a big blank. i called fleet (bank of america now, whatever), adn they confirmed: it seriusly has no information on it. they dont know where it came from or who it was sent to. so they are going to mail me a something with their records of whatever thsi was, and apparently they will have it mailed out by the 12th because they are speedy. in the meantime, the guy asked if i wanted to dispute it despite me not having any clue what is going on or half of what he's saying cuz he talks too fast.
so i dunno what the hell that is. i would think maybe my account got tweakered, but that was on the 14th and nothing else sketchy has happened since then. on the other hand, i dont really have more money for them to have stolen. that 150$ debit already had my acct in the hole til i made the deposit today. i guess i'll find out. in the meantime, with my car costing 400 bucks to fix, plus this, now i'm a hundred bucks short on rent. bugger

and now, cheers to barhopping in portsmouth. nate's birthday fest is going down at the coat of arms, so i'm heading over to that in a minute. and julie h is up for the night, supposedly over at muddy river. so i'll go track her down too. have a good evening, my lovely friends

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