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baby heads planted in the ground do not grow baby trees

meme of the week. so, go to mapsonus or mapquestTHEYBLOW or whatever mapping site you like, and see how far you are from where you grew up. in 22 years, i have managed to go... 1 hour away!

Start: Start Point (Paule Avenue, manchester, NH)
End: End Point (Stark Av, dover, NH)
Totals: 41.5 miles, 1 hour 11 min

EDIT: i had that lil map route picture here, but then it died. stupid mapsonus. so use your imaginations. perhaps imagine the scenic route. maybe i get to dover via new brunswick, who knows!

PHONE: ring ring
ME: *picks up* hello?
GIRL: hi
ME: hi..
KEVIN: *picks up* hello?
ME: hey
KEVIN: oh, i got it dan
ME: okay *hangs up* ...... wait what?

lindsey was up today, to get all her stuff she had moved in here. me her and kevin went out to odiorne point and ran around and had snowball fights and fell into invisible knee-deep seaweed pits. it was fun! then she bought us chinese food and we came back here and i got my ass super destroyed in super scrabble. i don't know why i'm not better at that; i would've thought i would be, but no, i really really suck at it. i almost got a 96 point word though!! but lindsey friggin stole my spot GRR. it's a shame she won't be living here, she's a cool girl

i've been feeling pretty sad the past week or so, i don't know what's up. i've also been feeling very low-blood-pressure-y, but i was at brooks the other day and used their pressure machine (i use it every time i'm there cuz it amuses me) and it said i was fine. so i dunno. maybe i got SARS. remember when everyone was scared of SARS for a week? what happened to that? SARSthrax

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