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the short weekend began with longing

i realized on friday how incredibly unhealthy working at measured progress is for me. we get free candy and soda, and i am a glutton so i take advantage of their generosity. so basically i spend 8 hours a day staring at a computer, pushing buttons, and sucking down sugar. which is pretty awesome as jobs go, but i'm sure it'll catch up with me soon enough
and speaking of (or not?), i felt like craaap yesterday. had a head/neck/eyes/throat ache, my mouth was dry no matter how much i drank, and my stomach was burbly. i went to bed at 2:30, woke up at 9am (?!?? that doesn't happen), and i am wide awake and feeling swell. go figure! [edit: aghh my eye hurts again wtffff]
(although: my dreams would seem to be disputing this)

i got a new hermit crab friday. he's biiiig and gets sand everywhere, the messy bugger. i named him monster
i got him at petco, along wiht some stuff i needed, because i had finally used up my petquarters store credit. ya see, i got a tank heater pad thingy there, and it didn't work, inasmuch as instead of heating the tank, it heated the area of the tank to which it was directly applied. much less useful. so anyway, i bring it in to exchange it or whatever, and they're trying to tell me that i can't return it cuz it is no longer in saleable condition (once you stick them on, takign them off tears the delicate wires or some shit). so after sparring with the manager for a bit, she finally says "fine! i will refund you minus 20%, and i don't ever want you in my store again!" which is fine by me. so she's ringing me up, glaring and muttering "have fun at petco", she stops and stares at her computer for a minute, and says "well i can only give you store credit since we can't resell this, so i guess you will have to come back."

harvard president sez that men are mathier and sciencier than women, due to genetics. he has gotten in a lot of shit for this, as one would expect. my question is, has anyone ever made a halfway-decent attempt to research this? to say they did better on unspecified tests tells less than nothing. are there any reasons to think it is/isn't true? if it were true, would that make any difference?

i know a kristEn, a kristAn, and a kristIn. wtf is up with that? you people need to get your vowels straight
i realized today that andrew wk's "we want fun" uses the melody from pachelbel's canon in d

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