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July 17th, 2001

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06:22 pm - ha. ha. ha. die.

is what i should have said today. instead i mumbled and stalked out. you see, loyal readers, i was fired today from my shitass telemarketing job. why? because i did not "hear the fire" in my manager's voice. once again, i'll let IM speak for me:

[05:45:04 PM] king nixon: i am fucking angry
[05:45:30 PM] DIC BUTKUS: HA! About whjat?
[05:45:51 PM] king nixon: the manager at the telemarketing place fired me cuz i didnt hear the fire in his voice
[05:45:59 PM] DIC BUTKUS: Haha, What???
[05:47:18 PM] king nixon: he walks over, tells me i need to put more of my personality into the calls. i say i thought i was, so he shows me. he reads the script all hyper-spazhead-telemarketer style, and asks if i could hear the fire and excitement in his voice. i coudlnt. so he tells me he doesnt like my attitude and to get out of the building
[05:48:35 PM] DIC BUTKUS: Oh man!
[05:48:40 PM] DIC BUTKUS: Dood, file a complaint!
[05:49:11 PM] king nixon: haha! you know, thats not a bad idea
[05:49:14 PM] king nixon: i've got the # for the main office
[05:49:24 PM] king nixon: fuckin arrogant prick, he's goin down
[05:49:55 PM] DIC BUTKUS: Haha, DO IT

it's not even that i was fired that pissed me off, or that it was for no reason. just that he was such an ASS about it. he asks if i could hear his fire and shit, i couldnt, so he immediatley reaches down, logs off my computer, says "i dont like your attitude, get out." and walks away. i'm sittin there for a sec in shock, i ask if he's serious. he says "yeah, get out of the building" wicked curt, and turns away.
state: ANGRY
np: deftones - root

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Date:July 19th, 2001 05:41 pm (UTC)
Hey, I hate to be the descenting opinion here, but being a boss, his job is to be an ass. Consider the fact that he is a manager of a telemarketing center. That is what he did with his life. I imagine that it isn't a terribly fulfilling job, so he would have to get excited about it in order to keep some modicum of sanity. So he decides that you aren't reading the script with enough feeling and demonstates how you should be doing what he is paying you for. When he asks you if you understood the difference, you gave him a smart aleck response. A full-grown man that has reached the apex of his career to be a telemarketing manager can only take so much. He may have been rude about it, but he wasn't wrong.
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Date:July 19th, 2001 10:14 pm (UTC)
i did not give him a smart alek response, i honestly answered his question, which apparently isn't what was expected of me. oh well.
i understand bosses have to do mean things like randomly fire people sometimes - and he was probably right to fire me, i didn't like the job and wasn't real good at it (being an asshole to people does not come naturally to me) - but what bothered me was that he was so arrogant and capricious about it. it probably does suck for him, to top out as manager of one branch of a telemarketing firm, but because he screwed up his career doesn't mean i should let him take it out on me

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