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my god it's good to see ya

our hotplate just died while i was cooking. i had to use xtreme cooking maneuvers to salvage food out of what i had. so now i have weird soup. whenever cooking goes terribly terribly wrong, safe bet it will end up as soup.

i was gonna do laundry the other day, but the mansion's laundry room is currently[1] GLUED SHUT i don't know why. there is weird rubbery insulation-type sealant around the door, and i could not get it open at all. not even jiggle it like if it was just locked. kevin had tried a few days before that and had found the top door nailed shut with a sign saying hte stairs were not safe. but they were fine when i went, and it was the bottom door (laundry is in the basement) that is sealed. it is a mystery to everyone.

[1] by currently, i mean it was that day. i haven't checked since. i tried asking jeff but he wasn't home.

i remember in like 7th grade, on the 1st day of school, i totally forgot the existance of the letter x somehow. we were supposed to write a 'what i did on my summer vacation' thing. i ended up spelling next as nekst. every so often this will come to mind for no particular reason. also, in i think 5th grade, i forgot how to make a lowercase y. i remembered capital Y just fine. i asked my friend how to do it and he showed me, but it still looked wrong to me.

and now i finish my soup and go to meet kevin and lee in the mub

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