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lock up your daughter, lock up your wife, lock up your backdoor and run for your life!

so i'm at work today, busily grading essays, when the boss dude walks over and asks me to come with him. he leads me out into the back offices, to the office of some other guy. i have no clue who he is, but i guess he is in charge of something, cuz he has a nice office all to himself. he gave me a talking to, out of concerns i might be 'inflammatory or threatening'!
some background info: someone stole my lunch out of the break-room fridge yesterday (it was 3 pieces of pizza wrapped up in a market basket bag), so i left a note in the fridge reading Whoever stole my lunch, I hope you are allergic and choke. -Dan. apparently someone from HR saw this and "brought it to the attention" of my boss' boss. the guy talkin to me knew i hadn't been threatening anyone, i'd just been pissed. but he had to cover the company's ass. i got back to my seat after and laughed. so ridiculous!
it's kinda sad though, that we're such a lawsuit-happy society that they need to do stuff like that

there's a show tonight at the brick house that i was gonna go to. tiny whales (who i still haven't managed to see play) and the guts (their last show ever). but i guess i'm not going now. not really in the mood. ah well.

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