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"do you realize how many body cells we kill each time we move?"

things i fully intended to do today, but didn't because i'm a suckass: call car place about a/c thing, help nico move and/or store her leftover whatnots and doodads, call aly, clean room.
things i did today: went to work, caused trouble at work[2], graded ridiculous essays at work[3], paid off dr hilton and got incomprehensible printout for insurance, cleaned out documents/files, found a bunch of old pictures and papers and things (my college application essay! ha).
things i fully intend to do tomorrow: go to work, be highly entertained, call car place and aly and nico and lyzi and kate, become a famous actor[1], perhaps go to the wunh general meeting (if i feel like it)(which i probably won't).

earlier this evening, casey IMed me from campus to ask if i could put 3 beers in the fridge for him. he'd bought a 30pack (milwaukee's best!) at some point, and it's sitting in the hall.

i hate schedules in general. things should happen when i show up. and people should come and drag me out and make me show up, cuz otherwise i'll never get around to it

so i was hunting through the house last week, trying to find one of my three screwdrivers all of which have somehow gone missing. in the closet of thomas' bedroom, i found devil sticks! i have no idea at all where htey came from

have you ever realized a story you've been telling about yourself for years wasn't actually true? that you had a memory whch either you'd totally made up or just misremembered some details? or maybe you can't remember if it actually happened or not? maybe you (day)dreamed it, maybe you just thought it up one day, etc. the scariest part, though, is once you realize one of your memories isn't true, suddenly it's possible ANY of your memories could be totally false.

[1] who wants to be an international superstar actor?? jenn is helping shoot an ESL movie thingy, tomorrow at 5ish, at the unh dairy bar. no acting ability required. come be famoused!
[2] i can't remember if i mentioned this at the time or not, but when i showed up for the utah essay thing on the 1st day, they had somehow dropped me from the list. even though they had come around TWICE to sign people up for it and put me on both times, they lost me when they made the list of people who were participating. so i show up and they didnt know what to do with me (this happened to like 10 other people too). eventually i got stuck somewhere, and things were fine
SO i show up today, czu they said today was when things would start up again, aaaand i'm not on the list. me and this one other dude. and all the boss people keep insinuating it's my fault and i wasnt hired back, because obviously anyone who was supposed to be there would have been contacted (which i wasnt). but seeing as they just fucked up last time, and they hadnt said anything about contacting us when they told us things were starting back up today, i wasnt too concerned. eventually they put me in a math group, only to take me out 5 minutes later cuz it's a 'replication test' and apparently that takes centuries of training
so instead they stuck me in a group grading 1pg NECAP (new england something something something) essays, where i guess i am for the now.
[3] we got to read all about the adventures of the fattest woman in the world, who got chased out of church for takign her bra off, and who won the olympics after having her left leg cut off and replaced with a metal hook. 5th graders are awesome.

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