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i send you greetings

so'n as you alls know, my computer is in the process of not living, hence me not being online so much lately. call me, perhaps?
but yeah, computer. i can't figure out what's wrong with it- it is aware that the harddrives exist maybe 40% of the time, and then it loses them. i don't know if this is a problem of the drives, the mboard, the IDE cables (i was pretty sure they were to blame, but switching them out only seems to have lessened the problem a bit), etc etc etc too much stuff it could be, and i don't know a lot about hardware. i've done all i can myself to figure it out; i would get it checked (a place in dover was recommended to me) but i don't really have any money right now, and who knows how much that would cost to diagnose/fix. computers are like cars that way.
and speaking of cars, my mom is getting a new one in a couple weeks. which means, since my family practices the trickle-down theory of ownership, that i get the car she has now, and they sell or trade-in mine. i don't even remember what kind of car she has, but it's newer and hopefully needs 400$ repairs less often. and i get it on sunday.

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