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my life is a lateral thought

i am facing a dilemma. and by dilemma, i mean thing that bothers me despite being entirely inconsequential. there is Too Much World. no matter what specific bit of reality interests you, there is simply more of it in existance than you could ever possibly even begin to comprehend. that is encouraging, in that there will always be something new and surprising to come across, but discouraging, in that you will never get a handle on what is out there and you will never know where the limits are. if you create something which to the best of your knowledge is entirely new and unique in every way, it is nonetheless possible and indeed very likely that something similar if not exactly the same already exists. what if someone was raised in a cave somewhere with instruments and a studio, but no access to the outside world. person has never heard any music created by anyone else, ever. person records an almost exact duplicate of the white album, or nevermind, or hell, why not middle of nowhere (hanson's debut album, for you deprived souls). have they been creative? have they created something original or new? what just happened? does this matter?
wait no, i got off track. the thing i meant to say bothers me (though that does too) is simply that i'll never finish. anything. i'll never be able to sit back and say, okay there's nothing left to read about and learn about and understand and know. because really, that's what i like, that's why i waste hours on the internet. i'm absorbing as much of the world as possible, exploring every last atom i can reach for, but i will never get all of it. i will never Figure Things Out. even if the whole world stopped right this second, there's already too much to wrap yourself around, and everything is constantly expanding. we are each a single point of light shooting a cone of possibility into the future, and it is growing with every moment, so much faster than we could ever keep up with.

also, my favorite acronym to say out loud is WYSIWYG. wysiwyg! wysiwyg! never gets old, it don't.

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