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wanna go for a ride?

okay asking people one by one is boring, so i'll let the internet do it for me!
i'm moving to washington, via xtreme xcountry car driving action. according to google, and therefore undoubtedly true, the drive is somewhere in the vicinity of 45 hours. i was planning to go it solo, take my time, visit people on the way. but this has been vetoed by concerned parents. apparently i have to do this on the buddy system. however, in exchange for hijacking the trip, they have offered to pay for a plane flight back for whoever is awesome enough to come with me (or the other way around, if you are already out that way and want to jet out to nh and take a nice ride back).
your main responsibilities would be to do half the driving, help me navigate highways based on faulty internet directions, fight zombies, help me decide which cd to put on next, and just generally be awesome. bonus points if you don't mind living on pb&j, sketchy roadside diners, and other such things; sleeping in 4-star hotels a ditch; visiting my friends you don't know (they're awesome, don't worry!); getting lost and winding up in guatamala; etc.
this trip is scheduled to begin bright and early (ha!) on the morning of august somethingth (unless august is no good. i'm flexible), at which point we will begin our funfilled lifechanging adventure and hopefully manage to go in the direction of mostly west (i am also flexible about this. like i said, i want to visit some people on the way. if you have some pals along the route, we could stop there too).

so: who wants to be my god is my copilot?

[these questions are all nonbinding, obviously. i want to see who can maybe go when, etc]
[oh, and as there was some confusion last time: you need a livejournal acct to fill in the poll. you don't need one, however, to leave creepy anonymous comments. dan likes when those say who they are from, however]

Poll #500943 drive side

are you interested? and could you go?

fuck off

when would be good for you? (approximate date range) how long could you get off work / stand to be in a car with me?

anything you'd like to add? any questions? blasphemous rumors? leave them here or in comments or wherever

and now it's bedtime, and then worktime, and then who knows. sarahtime?
and someday i'll make an actual update in here too. it'll be fun.

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