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reasons today was not awesome

1= our driveway is super crammed with cars lately, because jeff has excellent planning skills. i clonked one this morning, while pulling out. didnt leave a mark on them (stupid chevy) but my car has a big dent in it. brought it to auto world, where the guy came out to poke at it and then gave me an incomprehensible computer-print-out estimate. as i interpret this, it says that parts will be 200$ and installing them will cost 350$ (8.6 hrs at FORTY TWO DOLLARS PER HOUR. i should be a fuckin mechanic), while paint will cost 125$ (6.1 hrs at 21$/hr) and installing it will cost 250$ (6.1 hrs at 42$/hr). how can it possibly take 6 hours to fix the paint? seriously, it's a dent like the size of a piece of paper, and it's ALL ONE COLOR. should take about 11 seconds, by my estimation. also, if they're getting paid 42/hr to paint on the paint, what is that 21/hr for? it's labeled 'paint supplies'. does the paint can get an hourly wage? oh well, they said my insurance should cover it (calling tomorrow), so i don't really care. but still, what the hell is all that?

2= kevin had been told at his interview that he started at measured progress today, so he went in with me. turns out he was never actually hired, because he was missing some paperwork or something. so he got sent home. which was confusing for me, cuz i thought i was his ride home and he just sort of vanished. i called the mansion later and debbie said he was asleep, so there ya go. and bourque still hasn't turned up, i dunno when he is starting

3= worst question ever, that we had to score at work today. without going into pointless detail, basically the kids had to draw shapes. THEY CANNOT DRAW THIS IS ALWAYS A DISASTER. and this time it was especially stupid. the scoring guide got changed twice while we were training on it, then an hour later they noticed that one of the CRRs (pre-scored responses that we grade, so they can compare us to the standard and make sure we know what we're doing. if you're too far off, you fail the question and can't score it) was wrong so they had to change everyone's scores (which moved me from failing to passing, woo). there was also some goofy question about selling dolls at the fair, which does not sound like a winning business proposition.

4= john's domain, (where my email address is), has been suspended because it is suspected of sending spam, which as far as we know did not ever actually happen. even better, they didnt bother to tell him this until he emailed from his work acct to find out what happened, htey just shut down the account and went on their merry ways. nice. so until we get bailed out of internet jail, hit up the gmail. address is in my info

5= some mysterious thing is wrong with my crabbys. one is out of his shell crawling around (this is generally bad), and i dont see the other at all. i guess he buried himself somewhere (they do that a lot, but usually not for that long), unless they started eating each other (which apparently they also do sometimes, accordng to the internets). like i don't have enough trouble keeping the fuckers alive when they're NOT cannibals

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