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we are gathered here today to join these two in the bonds of holy MOLY!

today is my cousin lisa's wedding rehearsal dinner thing. i have no idea what that means; what are we rehearsing? is this eating practice? tomorrow is the actual wedding, which should be lovely. i like weddings. in theory, i think of them as a useless ceremony - public declaration of a private decision, made for tax purposes - but in practice, it's a day set aside for people to be happy and pretend they live in a movie. speaking of which, i saw "say anything" last night for the 1st time. i've always heard of it as being one of the ultimate romantic comedy type movies, and honestly i was pretty disapointed. good ending though.
lisa organized a lil mt monadnock hiking group for today that i was excited to be in, but last night i got all sorts of sick and decided i should just sleep. i feel fine now, so hey. but it's about 934834 degrees today, so i'm thinking hiking would have been deadly either way.
i bought a snazzy suit at goodwill the other day, for the wedding. goodwill wins at life. they had this crazy purple velour suit jacket that i wanted, but i don't have 8 bucks to spend on a gag outfit

the icecream truck is going by! i can hear its music. that always makes me happy

and if you are sitting there saying, no, no, no you won't be getting there saying, no, no, no cuz no can't do anything and i know everything i know, i know, i know - and in the nighttime i sleep all alone i think of the bones that hold up your body - i think of the word archaeology, or maybe i mean anthropology - i'm sorry for meeting your body, a body i must leave alone and the only thing i've ever known - and i know everything and no can't do anything, i know, i know, i know - and if you are sitting there praying for something to happen, you won't be sitting there praying for long - cuz i don't know what to say, but i kneel down anyway and pray for everything i know - and in the daytime i walk all alone, i walk past the home that once held your body i think of your body's geography, or maybe i mean your geometry i'm sorry for meeting your body a body i must leave alone and the only thing i've ever known - did i teach you anything, cuz you taught me so many things i know, almost everything i know
pascal - no can't do anything

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