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i've been playing guitar more lately, which is fun. for some reason, 80% of my playing time seems to end up devoted to boozed-up(not literally) covers of "you ain't seen nothin' yet". that song rules. i think i can hear a skill difference though, from the increased playing, so yay! i am getting sorta good at soloing-without-having-any-clue-what-i'm-actually-playing. one of the things that always amuses me about music is how easy it is to play off the occasional mistake as an intentional melodic quirk.
but yeah, in the other 20% of my playing time, i've been writing nonshitty (for me) songs. kind of a pain writing guitar tabs in notepad though, but my cursory glance over available free music software didn't turn up anything better than all the useless clumsy junk i found last time i looked a few years ago. i wrote a lot of lyrics at work (becuase actually working at work is for chumps) before justin started[1], but now we just entertain each other, and i get even less done. hooray!
i can write nonshitty music (nonshitty in the field of dans sitting in their rooms in the middle of the night, which is all the comparison i want to consider) and lyrics, but never lyrics that seem appropriate to the music. and even when i occasionaly manage that, i never have an actual song at the end of the day. just pieces everywhere.

[1] suddenly in the past few weeks, seriously around 10 people either asked me about working at measured progress, or someone else mentioned to me that they are applying[2]. it is the new area hotspot! i should start charging the company a finder's fee. it would be so fun though, if my friends took the place over. it's a shame the company is so flakey and ridiculous sometimes (ie, kevin's double-jk hiring).
[2] when justin interviewed there, he reports that "i told him i found out about the work from you, and at the mention of your name he had a wierd reaction, like a sarcastic smile and a 'really, dan told you? huh'". so that is intriguing. i only met him once, i dunno why he would remember me

the current news is that tomorrow, debbie is moving to rochester, to live with llama at llama's ex's parents' house (yeah, i have no idea). debbie, for those of you not up on my exciting life, is my recently homeless friend whose homebase lately has been the mansion. it's been rad having her around, so moving out is thumbs down. but apparently this new place is right down from measured progress, so visiting it is.

nobody is ever around lately when i call. nuts to you all!

peta is making me a pair of exciting unique designer petapants! very exciting.

various fun facts (see if you can spot the hidden theme!):
there was a female ninja turtle, on a short-lived live-action tv show. "venus de milo". apparently there are no famous female artists?
also: new movie coming, apparently. darker and edgier like the comics, apparently. all CGI, apparently.
and lastly: shredder, on the old cartoon show, was voiced by uncle phil from fresh prince of bel air.

blah blah okay i'm done typing now shower and then bed goodnight
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