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i saw war of the worlds the other night, and LOVED it. not for the reasons you're supposed to like movies though- the characters were stupid, the plot didn't exist, the effects were half-hearted, the only good acting in the movie was dakota fanning. basically, you ignore everything going on in front, and watch the story that's behind it- aliens attack earth and kick our ass. imagine it, when they come out and start blasting, when a troop of the tripods lumber by, when they start picking people up. amazing
i kept thinking the whole time: this is what it's like for everything else. when we hunt birds or lions, when we set traps and stomp ants, when we take antibiotics, this is what they see. huge, implacable, inexplicable death. (not that i blame us)
on the other hand, no one i was with was very impressed, and cara hated the shit out of it. so proceed with caution.

Ilanas Dream (11:16:53 PM): I had a dream about you
Ilanas Dream (11:17:28 PM): You came with me to Morehead, and a shark bit off your head, so I swam into the shark and stole your head back and we put it back on you, and you just shrugged and nonchalantly walked off, like nothing big had happened.

i love sting rays. they are graceful and badass and striking. i was never clear, though, on the difference between sting rays and manta rays; i thought maybe they were just different names for the same thing, but wasn't sure. turns out there are a whole shitload of sting ray species, of which manta rays are just one. hmm!

my washington copilot has been officially chosen (finally): tara! i predict this trip being fantastical. expected date of departure is sometime early august

on sunday night, i finally met jessica hinds-bond, who i've known online for roundabout 7 years. very cool! she was very fun, and her husband seems cool, and yeah. good times. i'll be stopping by their place on the way to washington for further harassment
also, last week i went to see hart at her job at dunkin donuts. it was fun, but a little awkward in that 'we haven't seen each other in a year, what are we supposed to talk about' kind of way. i suppose this is to be expected. she made me a gigantor bagel sandwich, and sprayed me with whipped cream!
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