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King Nixon (3:28:43 AM): i want to explode
parasitepeta27 (3:28:56 AM): oh why?
King Nixon (3:29:30 AM): i dont konw, just life
King Nixon (3:29:35 AM): just everything
King Nixon (3:29:48 AM): i'm so frustrated all the time
parasitepeta27 (3:30:01 AM): i think everyone is
King Nixon (3:34:39 AM): well we should all stop it and be happy
King Nixon (3:34:48 AM): i cant imagine my whole life being like this
parasitepeta27 (3:34:51 AM): i wish it was that easy

not that i have anything to complain about. but i do anyway.

here is what i want my life to be like:
DrkSrenity (4:50:54 PM): no i had been living in seattle and climbing around the country for a little
DrkSrenity (4:51:00 PM): then i took a two week trip to korea
DrkSrenity (4:51:06 PM): then bought a one way to nepal
DrkSrenity (4:51:10 PM): stayed there for a month
DrkSrenity (4:51:16 PM): and then i spent a few days in bangkok
DrkSrenity (4:52:32 PM): it was crazy thats for sure
DrkSrenity (4:52:36 PM): i didnt want to leave
DrkSrenity (4:52:42 PM): ran outta money

but now he is back here with the rest of us, working jobs we don't like to pay people who don't need it for things we don't want. oh well
Tags: dan, friends, sad times

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